Appliances: Elmira Stove Works 🍁

Name: Elmira Stove Works

Products: Retro and antique-designed ranges and stoves

Manufactured In: Elmira, Ontario

Where to buy: Dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Elmira Stove Works was founded by Tom Hendrick who recognised the appeal of classic woodburning cookstoves. He converted a chicken barn into a small production floor and offered his unique product to the local market. Soon the popularity of the stoves grew and over the years, Elmira Stove Works gained a reputation for unmatched customisation and style.

In 2022, Plaintree Systems Inc. acquired Elmira Stove Works. Plaintree is a diversified Canadian company. It has proprietary technology and manufacturing capabilities in aerospace, structural design, and telecommunications. Plaintree’s manufacturing capacities will allow Elmira to continue growing for years to come.