Art: Saltwreck 🍁

Name: Saltwreck

Products: Map Art Prints

Manufactured In: Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online store or Etsy shop (


Canadian Owned: Yes

Saltwreck is a Canadian-owned company that is based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The company’s mission is to offer its customers map art that helps you tell your unique story. Saltwreck was started in 2016 when Mark Dunkley showed a picture of his artwork to Miguel D’Eon.

The artwork in question was a silhouette of a lobster with a map of Yarmouth inside the shape. Miguel encouraged Mark to start selling his artwork and Saltwreck was born. Saltwreck now has over 700 unique maps of Canada to choose from on its Etsy store and has sold over 4,700 maps. The maps are available ready-printed or you can choose to print them at home.