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Olivia Bush is an avid reader who enjoys catching up on the latest in science and mathematics. When she’s not researching various facets of Canadian life, you can find her compiling studies to add to her next statistics article. Olivia loves to explore the outdoors in her downtime, too. You’ll often catch her hiking or biking to catch some of Canada’s greatest natural views.

Dental Care Statistics in Canada

Good oral health is important to our overall health, yet it is often an aspect

Disability Statistics in Canada

Disability Statistics in Canada

Understanding the dynamics and scope of disability is crucial for fostering an inclusive society where the diverse needs of its citizens are met. By examining the statistics around disability in

Christianity Statistics in Canada

Christianity Statistics in Canada

Canada is a country known for its cultural and religious diversity. It has been and continues to be a chosen destination for millions of immigrants who have their own cultural

Space Industry Statistics in Canada

Space Industry Statistics in Canada

Canada has long been one of the key players in the global space industry thanks to its culture of development and innovation. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) was established in

Weighted Blankets: Hush 🍁

Name: Hush

Products: Mattresses, weighted blankets, bedding

Manufactured In: Mostly in Canada

Where to Buy: Online and in-store

Website: hush.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Hush is a Canadian sleep improvement brand …

Bedding: Benji Sleep 🍁

Name: Benji Sleep

Products: Bedding, including bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases

Manufactured In: Ontario

Where to Buy: Online

Website: benjisleep.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Benji was founded in 2018 by …

Coaching: The Roundtable 🍁

Name: The Roundtable

Products: Leadership coaching

Head Office: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online

Website: goroundtable.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

The Roundtable is a Canadian company providing leadership training founded by …

Snacks: Spudniks 🍁

Name: Spudniks

Products: Popcorn and Kettle Chips

Manufactured In: Woodbridge, ON

Where to Buy: Online

Website: spudniks.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Spudniks is a Canadian company based in Woodbridge, ON. It …