B2B: HALALCS Canada 🍁

Name: HALALCS Canada

Products: Halal certification services

Headquartered In: Oakville, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact the company

Website: halalcs.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

HALALCS Canada, Inc. is Canada’s premier Halal certifier. It offers inspections and certifications that enable organisations to manufacture their food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics products according to the requirements of Islamic dietary law.

HALALCS has over 32 years of inspection experience and the staff are experts in certification for the Canadian market. The certifier has highly trained specialists who implement HALALCS’ unique audit process that guarantees compliance from sourcing to the point of sale. The process is quick and cost-effective and proven to get it done with minimal effort from you and your team.

If you require Halal certification, contact HALALCS for details of the process.