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Beckie Prime & Domenique Mastronardi

Beck’s Broth is a nourishing collection of bone-broth-based drinks. This Canadian beverage brand has taken comfort drinks like coffee and hot chocolate and given them a major level-up with the infusion of organic, pasture-raised bone broth with 14+g of nourishing protein. From decadent hot chocolate to smooth coffee, the newest collection supports gut health while providing a boost of clean protein.

This is truly a bone broth that is anything but basic!

Tell us about yourself?

Certainly! My name is Beckie Prime, and I founded Beck’s Broth.

As a registered holistic nutritionist and cacao enthusiast, I have always been passionate about the intersection between good health and good taste. As I began my practice, I became interested in the health benefits that bone broth had to offer. Here was this superfood that could support gut health by nourishing the body with quality protein and collagen – all while being totally sustainable. I knew there had to be a way to help people incorporate this superfood into their diets in a way that was fun and delicious.

I set out to create a collection of drinks you could incorporate into your daily routine, starting with my favourite go-tos: hot chocolate and coffee. From there, I incorporated a remarkably neutral-tasting bone broth, allowing the smooth and decadent flavours of the drinks to shine through. What we got was major nourishment with a deliciously rich taste.

From here, Beck’s Broth was born.

A year into business, I met Dom, my now business partner and our COO, through Instagram. She was just finishing up her engineering degree and running her own business at the time. She is the yin to my yang – she is brilliant, calm, and analytical. Working with her and watching our team grow has been absolutely incredible.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Document everything – you will want to see where you were a year ago! At Beck’s Broth, we try our darn best to celebrate every single win. With our rapid growth over the last eight months, it has been so cool to look back and see where we were a year ago. Taking pictures and journaling the good, bad, and ugly helps us see how far we’ve come and is honestly just so much fun.

Beck's Broth

What problem does your business solve?

One of the things I’ve learned in my practice is that, although people want to make healthier choices, if it’s not easy to do (and doesn’t taste amazing), it’s just not going to happen. Meet Beck’s Broth – where bone broth is an easy and intuitive part of your daily routine!

What is the inspiration behind your business?

As a nutritionist, my goal has always been to help nourish my community. When starting a business, I didn’t want to contribute more waste into the world. Not a lot of people know that bone broth is actually very sustainable – it gives life to animal bones that would otherwise be a waste product. When I created a nutritious product that not only tasted good but was also good for the planet, I knew I hit the jackpot and that this would be my next venture.

What is your magic sauce?

We are turning bone broth into delicious lattes, something that has never been done before on this scale! Our whole goal is to make bone broth fun and cool. And that builds out our pillars – we have cool branding, participate in cool wellness events, and have fun with our Beck’s Broth community!

Beck's Broth

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

We plan to become the biggest and baddest bone broth company. When you think of bone broth, we want you to think of Beck’s Broth. Our goal is to get more people drinking bone broth elixirs all over North America – and for them to be proud while doing it!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Our biggest hurdle? Cash flow hiccups, especially with our rapid growth! Going from a small-time operation to a bigger player means needing cash to increase production. We are currently in the process of learning everything it takes when seeking investment and partnering with strategic allies.

Also, when we first started the business, we were making our bone broth in liquid form and packaging it in glass jars. The product wasn’t shelf stable, so we kept it in the freezer to avoid spoilage. Selling a frozen product that was packaged in glass was hard to sell into retail. We couldn’t imagine growing into a sizable business with that product, so we pivoted into our current product, which is a powdered blend. Our new product is light in weight, shelf-stable, and easy to transport – which makes it easy to sell into retailers and ship to our customers.

How can people get involved?

Connect with me on Instagram- @becksbroth! You can also shop at, Healthy Planet, and on our only shop