Bed Linens: QE Home 🍁

Name: QE Home

Product: Bedding, bed linens, home, and bath supply

Manufactured in: Canada

Where to Buy: Online and in over 70 physical stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

QE Home was founded in 1989 by two best friends. They started with the idea of a well-made duvet that wouldn’t break the bank. Now, there are 70 physical locations across Canada. The company has moved into other bedroom linens, home and bath products, and more. QE Home Linens avoids markup prices by eliminating the middle man. They pass those savings on to you.

In 2010, QE Home began working on seasonal releases. Each season, they create entirely new lines of bedding for their customers. Though they only rebranded as QE Home in 2014, the company continues to rise in popularity among Canadian families. The company’s longevity is a testament to its quality and dedication to producing great linens.

Their signature bedding series is designed and produced in Vancouver. The offerings are refreshed each season with new patterns and designs. In addition to these core lines, they also have many luxury sheets available year-round, as well as lovingly-crafted duvets.

QE Home