Beer: Creemore Springs

Name: Creemore Springs

Products: Beer

Manufactured In: Creemore, Ontario

Where to Buy: Beer retailers across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Creemore Springs has been making beers in Canada since 1987. The company was founded by John Wiggins who started making craft beers when craft breweries were still an exception rather than the norm. With the help of two friends and a master brewery, John set up his brewing equipment in a repurposed hardware store on the main street of Creemore.

Today, despite its growth, Creemore Springs brews its beers in small batches like it always has done.  The beer selection by Creemore Spring includes Pale Ale, IPA, lager, Pilsner, Helles, and more. All the beers are available to order from the company’s website. You can also find them at most beer retailers across Canada.