Beer: Sleeman Breweries

Name: Sleeman Breweries

Products: Beer – brands listed below

Manufactured In: Guelph, Ontario; Chambly, Quebec; Vernon, BC

Where to buy: Beer retailers across the country


Canadian Owned: No, owned by Sapporo

The roots of the original Sleeman Breweries go back to 1834 when John H. Sleeman moved from Cornwall, England to Ontario. By 1851, he had opened the first Sleeman brewery in Guelph, Ontario, and brewed beer in small 100-barrel batches.

The Sleeman Brewery reopened in 1988 when it was formed by merging some of Canada’s best craft breweries. Today, Sleeman Breweries is the third-largest national brewery in Canada. The brewery has built an impressive portfolio of beer brands, which include Sleeman, Unibroue and Wild Rose, Okanagan Spring, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Old Milwaukee.

While Sleeman Breweries has a long Canadian history and still brews beer in Canada, it is no longer a Canadian company as it is owned by Sapporo.