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Office chairs are made to be used when sitting at a desk. Whether used by Canadians when working at home or in the office, these chairs typically feature ergonomic designs that make sitting for longer stretches easier. There are many office chairs available in Canada, so you may not know where to start when purchasing one.

To help you with this, we have prepared a curated selection of the best office chairs in Canada in 2024. We’ve taken the time to research and evaluate these products to make sure we are offering you the most relevant options, based on the features Canadians look for. Let’s discover these office chairs together.

2024’s Best Office Chairs for Canadians

  • Best Overall: Home Office Ergonomic Desk Chair
  • Best Multi-Function: Kerdom Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Best Lumbar Support: Sytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair
  • Best Adjustable: Mimoglad Office Chair
  • Best Comfort: BestOffice Gaming Chair
  • Best Backrest: Primy Drafting Office Chair

Why Did We Choose These Office Chairs in Canada?

The office chairs included on this list have been selected after painstaking research. Once we had an initial list, we passed on the choices to our team of experts. Each product was analyzed for its best features and performance categories. Our experts gave us comprehensive feedback on the office chairs, at which point we made the final selection, which you can enjoy here. Here’s why each of these office chairs made it onto the list.

The Home Office Ergonomic Desk Chair is our best overall choice for Canadians. It features an ergonomic human-oriented design, along with a sturdy build that can withstand up to 113 kg of weight. The additional width of the chair brings extra comfort to the person sitting in it, which is ideal for those long work sessions.

The Kerdom Ergonomic Office Chair offers a wide range of functions. It includes adjustable seat height, a tilt lock option with an adjustable angle, and a 360º swivel. This option is easy to install and easy to store, as well as a thickened seat plate for additional comfort and coverage. It has adjustable armrests that can be flipped for extra convenience.

Canadians looking for enhanced lumbar support should consider the Sytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair. This option features a backrest designed in an S shape, providing independent support to your lower back and spine. The Sytas office chair also allows you to recline without compromising posture thanks to the comfortable tilting angles it offers.

The Mimoglad Office Chair has great adjustable options. It easily adapts to various heights and includes a removable headrest as well as flip-up armrests. The premium quality build of this chair features a mesh fabric and sturdy but lightweight construction. The 360º swivel and the heavy-duty silent caster wheels add practicality to this office chair.

The BestOffice Gaming Chair is a highly comfortable option. Canadians who sit for long periods at their desks for work or play can enjoy the enhanced lumbar and head support offered by this premium design. This chair has thick padding to ensure that those using it will be kept in high comfort for as long as possible.

The Primy Drafting Office Chair has excellent back support thanks to the curved design of the backrest. It is made from lightweight breathable mesh reinforced with high-density sponge padding on the seat. The adjustable lumbar support options will keep Canadians comfortable while relieving pressure on the spine during extended sitting periods.

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Best Overall

Home Office Ergonomic Desk Chair

Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Armrest Executive Rolling Swivel Adjustable Mid Back Task Chair for Women Adults, Black (Black)

It's Great For:

The Home Office Ergonomic Desk Chair is a highly comfortable ergonomic choice. This option features a human-oriented design that adapts easily to various heights thanks to the great adjustability settings via the adjusting lever. The office chair is easy to install and includes all the necessary tools for a quick set-up process.

This is an excellent option for Canadians who need to sit a lot for work. The integrated lumbar and spine support ensures that a correct posture is maintained to alleviate pressure on the spine. The breathable lightweight mesh adds to the comfort of the chair, as does the thick but soft sponge padding on the seat that adapts to the thighs to provide more custom support while sitting.

The chair does not take up too much space, which makes it a good choice for home offices and more professional settings in Canada. The sturdy base is made from heavy-duty steel, and the adjustable height controls can be locked to provide further stability. The 5 swivel wheels found on the bottom of the chair can turn 360º for better movement.

If you’d like to tilt the chair to support your posture while you are reclining, you can do so with ease thanks to the adjusting knob found under the seat. This chair has gone through BIFMA safety tests and provides a safe work experience whether at home or the office. This versatile option is cost-effective and can add comfort to anyone’s work day, even if that involves hours of sitting.

This office chair from Home Office is built for durability and can provide comfortable support to Canadians. It is easy to maintain and has great flexibility that allows you to move it from one space to another whenever needed. Whether working remotely from home or at the office, this chair can be an ideal candidate for your needs.

Key Features

  • Lumbar and Spine Support. The design of the chair provides great support and can be an ideal choice for those suffering from lower back pain that is caused by extended sitting. 
  • Adjustable Height. This chair is a good choice for people of various heights thanks to the adjustable lever with lock option. You can also adjust the tilt for more reclining.
  • Easy to Use. The office chair is easy to install upon arrival. It comes with all the necessary tools and does not require prior knowledge.
  • Flexibility. This office chair includes 5 heavy-duty swivel wheels that can turn 360º, which increases the flexibility of movement.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Home Office Ergonomic Desk Chair offers great lumbar support to Canadians of various heights. It’s a comfortable option for longer sessions and long office hours.”

Best Multi-Function

Kerdom Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair, KERDOM Breathable Mesh Desk Chair, Lumbar Support Computer Chair with Wheels and Flip-up Arms, Swivel Task Chair, Adjustable Height Home Gaming Chair (Black, 9060)

It's Great For:

The Kerdom Ergonomic Office Chair offers a variety of functions to Canadian office workers. The silent caster wheels can rotate 360º degrees, allowing for ease of movement. The adjustable tilting angles between 90º and 125º include a tilt lock that permits a relaxing posture while providing enough support to relieve muscle strain.

The pneumatic seat can be easily adjusted to various heights. There are adjustable armrests with comfortable padding. If you don’t want to use the armrests, you can easily flip them into an upright position to keep them stored until they are next needed. The innovative design of this chair disperses pressure to ensure the comfort of even long sitting sessions while working.

This option from Kerdom is easy to install and comes with a link to a tutorial video that is straightforward to follow, even for Canadians who’ve never put together an office chair before. This heavy-duty design is made from breathable mesh, with a frame from alloy steel and an explosion-resistant seat plate padded with a double-coverage thick sponge.

You can easily store this office chair, which makes it ideal both for office and working-from-home setups. It comes with lumbar support that can be adjusted to adapt to your spine by fitting around your waist. When you are ready to relax more, use the adjustable tilt to recline while feeling secure that you are still getting adequate spine support for the duration.

There are 5 nylon wheels on the bottom of the chair. They allow flexibility of movement while remaining wear-resistant, non-slip, and shock-absorbing. The design of the chair features comprehensive safety details, like the level 3 cylinder and the reinforced solid base. This lightweight yet highly strong-bearing chair can keep you safe, secure, and comfortable while you are working, regardless of how many hours you have to spend in it.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Angles. Those who enjoy reclining in their office chairs should consider this option. It offers adjustable tilt from 90º to 125º.
  • Easy Storage. The armrests can be flipped away for easy storage whenever needed. The lightweight design also facilitates chair storage. 
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support. You can use the adjustable lumbar support to make sure it fits correctly around your waist. This will ensure you get the most comfortable experience. 
  • Better Safety. The solid heavy-duty build of the chair is full of safety features, such as a level 3 cylinder for a more robust design. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Kerdom Ergonomic Office Chair stands out for the customization functions it offers. We were also impressed with the safety of the build.”

Best Lumbar Support

Sytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair

Sytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair, Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Ergonomic Computer Chair High Back

It's Great For:

The Sytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair is an ideal option for Canadians who need in-depth lumbar support. The S-shaped backrest fulfills various roles, from the headrest supporting the cervical spine to the enhanced back support to the increased lumbar spine protection. This office chair uses science to partition each section and design it to provide the best support in each area. This will help relieve pressure from the spine, which can keep it in better condition for longer, despite extended sitting sessions.

The 2D headrest features an innovative C-shaped design with 45º rotation. The height can also be adjusted by 5 cm up and down. The frame of the office chair is made from highly resistant alloy steel enhanced with lightweight mesh. The thick sponge cushion provides great padding that adjusts to the hip curve. This can help relieve sciatica and tailbone pain.

The mesh surface of this office chair is breathable and provides a natural fit. It is an essential part of the design in distributing pressure to ensure comprehensive spine support from top to bottom. The design also features industrial-grade sturdiness thanks to the reinforced steel used for the wheel blades, the chair base, and even the gas lift. This latter component successfully went through SGS tests and provides additional stability.

The 5 wheels on the bottom of the office chair are designed to be highly resistant and will keep your floors scratch and damage-free. The sturdiness of the build is apparent in every detail and delivers a durable comfortable result that is also very safe. The wheels roll with excellent smoothness, allowing Canadians to easily move with the chair from one side of the room to another. This versatile choice can be used in office settings, as well as at home. The stylish and resilient design will keep you well-supported no matter where you want to use the chair.

Key Features

  • Premium Design. This build uses heavy-duty high-quality materials to deliver excellent results. From breathable lightweight mesh to resilient steel, every part of the chair is created to provide the best support and quality. 
  • Comprehensive Spine Support. From the headrest to the bottom of the seat, every aspect of the chair is designed to deliver support to the spine. The S-shaped backrest and C-shaped headrest are particularly impressive features. 
  • Partitioned Support. The entire surface of the chair is built to relieve pressure by providing partitioned support. This can help those suffering from back problems that are made worse by sitting.
  • Adjustable Headrest. The C-shaped headrest can provide custom support thanks to the adjustable height and the 2D design. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Sytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair provides an impressive design with comprehensive spine support from top to bottom.”

Best Adjustable

Mimoglad Office Chair

Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support & Seat Height, High Back Mesh Computer Chair with Flip-up Armrests-BIFMA Passed Task Chairs for Home Office (Modern, Black)

It's Great For:

The Mimoglad Office Chair is a stylish option featuring a simple classic design that can fit both at the office and at home. It is made with an ergonomic design built to fit the spine. The adjustable lumbar support provides additional tailor-made comfort by relieving the pressure from the lower back even during long work hours done while sitting.

The padded backseat offers extra comfort, as does the thick sponge cushion seat designed to disperse pressure and keep it off the hips and thighs. This office chair from Mimoglad features 10 cm of lifting range. This can suit Canadians of various heights by adjusting to each person’s particular measurements. For those who like to recline, this office chair comes with adjustable tilting angles from 90º to 135º. This will keep you comfortable and relieve pressure from your posture even as you relax or shift positions.

The seat height is also adjustable, providing a tailor-made experience to Canadians looking to work from this chair. Those looking for enhanced cervical spine support can use the enlarged removable headrest for high-quality comfort. The armrests have a flip-up design that can be adjusted to your needs with a convenient storage option whenever you don’t require them.

The 5 wheels found at the bottom of the chair include heavy-duty casters that reduce noise. These wheels have a 360º swivel so that you can easily move around the space with the chair without needing to stand. The base plate of this office chair is explosion-proof, which highlights its sturdiness and stability.

The gas lift is made from chrome to add even more heavy-duty stability to the chair. This design has gone through SGS and BIFMA safety tests to ensure it will keep you both secure and supported while you sit in it. With the armrests flipped up, you will be able to save even more space with this chair, which adds to its practicality.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Support. The lumbar support offered by this chair is adjustable, which can provide you with a tailor-made experience that relieves pressure while sitting. 
  • Enlarged Headrest. The removable headrest offers additional support at any time. This can easily relieve pressure from your cervical discomfort while keeping you comfortable even in a relaxed posture.
  • Lifting Range. The 10 cm of lifting range can be used to adapt to various heights. This offers excellent support to Canadians of various builds.
  • Convenient Storage. The design of the office chair, which includes flip-up armrests, makes storage easy. You can also flip up the arms to get closer to your desk, or store it neatly underneath.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Mimoglad Office Chair offers great adjustability options. The removable headrest is a standout feature, and the breathable mesh keeps you comfortable all day long.”

Best Comfort

BestOffice Gaming Chair

BestOffice Gaming Chair with Footrest,Ergonomic Office Chair,Adjustable Swivel Desk Chair,Reclining Computer Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest,Racing Style Video Gamer Chair (Black)

It's Great For:

The BestOffice Gaming Chair is a multi-function option that provides excellent support for extended sitting sessions at a desk, whether for work or hobbies. Built for all-day comfort, this sleek option fits well in Canadian households or places of business. The thick padding of the chair is enveloped in high-quality breathable PU leather. The bucket seat includes adjustable lumbar support that moulds around your waist to provide tailored pressure relief.

The ultra-comfortable headrest pillow keeps your head and neck protected, and you can also adjust the tilting angle to get cozy on the chair while reclining. The reclining angle can be changed and locked at any time. The ergonomic design is also very durable thanks to the heavy-duty construction and the high-quality materials used for the build.

There is a sturdy metal base for enhanced stability, and the 5 nylon casters have a 360º swivel that allows you to easily and smoothly move with the chair. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the detailed instructions included with the office chair. All the necessary tools are provided, so you can enjoy the comfort of the chair very soon after delivery.

The curved design of the backrest is created with the human body in mind to ensure that it provides excellent support while dispersing pressure from the areas that tend to be most affected by sitting for extended periods. The large seat can hold appeal to Canadians looking for more space to be comfortable.

You can also use the included footrest for an additional touch of comfort, especially if you’d like to read on the chair, or even take a nap.

Key Features

  • All-Day Comfort. The large bucket seat, headrest, and footrest all contribute to providing a comfortable sitting experience. The footrest offers an exceptionally unique comfort option when it comes to office chairs.
  • Premium Materials. The breathable premium PU leather adds style and comfort to the design, while the alloy steel and nylon provide a sturdy, stable, and durable build. 
  • Adjustable Reclining. You can use the adjustable tilt to find your preferred angle and lock it for extended working or relaxing sessions. 
  • Curved Design. This design provides in-depth comfort to Canadians sitting in this chair. The adjustable lumbar support pillow reduces strain on your lumbar, even after long sessions.

Our Expert’s Take

“The BestOffice Gaming Chair is a multi-function option with impressive support. All-day comfort is ensured by the design.”

Best Backrest

Primy Drafting Office Chair

Drafting Chair Primy Tall Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests Executive Ergonomic Computer Standing Desk Chair with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Footrest Ring (Black)

It's Great For:

The Primy Drafting Office Chair is a convenient choice for professionals usually working at high desks. It features an ergonomic backrest design that adapts to the spine, offering pressure relief and ensuring that you can maintain a correct posture, even while relaxing. The wheels have 360º rotation, and the armrests offer convenient 90º storage. The thick sponge cushion adds to the comfort of sitting in this chair.

Adding even more practicality, the ring footrest on the underside of the chair has an adjustable height. This footrest can be used to further relieve pressure on your hips and thighs, which can increase your comfort levels even if you have to work for long hours in a sitting position. The angle of your legs on the footrest can also promote better circulation while you are sitting.

The backrest design includes adjustable lumbar support, but you have even further customization options with the upper support: both the upper and lower back areas can be adjusted up to 5 cm. This can help you enjoy a more tailored sitting experience that adapts to the particularities of your spine.

Getting this tailored support can lead to being able to withstand long sitting work sessions that do not add extra fatigue to the body. For increased safety, the design uses a heavy-duty alloy steel base reinforced with a 3-stage air rod. This makes it a sturdy and durable option that can withstand wear.

The casters on the bottom of the chair give it the flexibility of movement while keeping noise at a minimum. You can glide with the chair from one side of the room to another without disrupting anyone’s work experience.

Key Features

  • Tall Design. The Primy Drafting Office Chair offers a higher profile, ideal for Canadians who work at higher desks. It’s sturdy and comfortable, even when your desk is taller than average.
  • Adjustable Footrest. The ring footrest is adjustable and provides additional comfort to those sitting in the chair for long work sessions. 
  • Sturdy Build. The premium materials used to build this chair are robust and heavy-duty, withstanding wear and creating a safer and more durable experience. 
  • Adjustable Back Support. Both the upper and lower back feature adjustable support with this chair. This can create tailor-made comfort for you. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Primy Drafting Office Chair is a great option for Canadians working at taller desks. The adjustable options are very appealing.”

Comparing the Best Office Chairs for Canadians

CategoryChairDimensionsMaterialsWeight LimitTilt Options
Best OverallHome Office Ergonomic Desk Chair55.9D x 22.9W x 50.8H cmMesh, Sponge, Nylon113 kg8.9 cm up/down
Best Multi-FunctionKerdom Ergonomic Office Chair40D x 30W x 30H cmAlloy Steel, High-Density Mesh, Nylon113 kg90º to 125º
Best Lumbar SupportSytas Ergonomic Home Office Chair59.9D x 68.1W x 109.2H cmNylon, Alloy Steel, Mesh158 kg90º to 120º to 135º
Best AdjustableMimoglad Office Chair50D x 50W x 114H cmNylon, Mesh, Steel135 kg90º to 135º
Best ComfortBestOffice Gaming Chair55D x 136W x 68H cmNylon, Alloy Steel, PU Leather113 kg90º to 155º
Best BackrestPrimy Drafting Office Chair54D x 25W x 53H cmMesh, Sponge, Metal113 kg90º

How We Chose These Office Chairs in Canada

For years, we’ve surveyed hundreds of office, home, and sleep products to help make your life more comfortable. During this time, we’ve learned what Canadians want, so we’re determined to bring you only the best. Our product recommendation lists are created with careful evaluation. Each potential product goes through rigorous research and analysis by our experts.

While evaluating the best office chairs in Canada, we looked at the following features.

  • Product Dimensions. The size of your office chair matters. You may prefer a different size based on your height or weight, as chairs of different sizes can support you differently. Make sure to look for the dimensions of each part of the chair before making a purchase.
  • Materials. What is the chair made of? The materials can change how the chair feels or how it supports you. We looked at the best materials for comfort and breathability when we made our picks.
  • Recommended Use. Some office chairs are better for your home, while others are made for the office environment. Either way, we looked at which environments each chair worked best for.
  • Adjustment Points. Every person is different, so every office chair should be adjustable for your needs. We looked for options with multiple adjustment points so it’s easy to find your most comfortable position.

Benefits of Using an Office Chair 

When you are sitting for long shifts at work, you need a chair that is going to support you. Most office workers or home office workers will develop some degree of discomfort after sitting day in and day out, especially if their chair is subpar. 

While you can use any chair to get the job done, using a specialized office chair is the best way to maintain proper posture and ensure that you aren’t uncomfortable after sitting for work. (You should also make sure to move around often throughout the day, as sitting for too long can cause discomfort and health issues no matter how comfortable your chair is.)

The best way to ensure that you have a great day at work is to choose an office chair that keeps you comfortable. Some office chairs are made with special lumbar supports, ergonomic features, adjustments for comfort, and more. Saving your body the strain of sitting at a desk can be incredibly beneficial for your energy levels, quality of life, and your work ethic.  

Aside from choosing the right office chair for you, you should make sure that you are sitting in your chair correctly. The right chair won’t do you any good if you aren’t sitting properly! Here’s how you should be sitting to make the most out of your office chair.

The Proper Way of Sitting

Sitting on your chair for too long can cause various health issues. Regardless of how comfortable it is, you need to move around. And in those moments when you can’t, try to sit the right way.

Adjust your office chair to the height and back position that is most comfortable. Remember to keep your back straight, drew your chin inward, and relax the shoulders. Check if your legs touch the floor and if not, consider adding a footrest.

Most importantly, make sure that you’re looking at the screen at eye level. This means that your eyes should align with the top of the monitor. That way you can achieve the right sitting position where you won’t need to twist your neck.

Finally, make sure that everything is at arms’ length. Your hands should be elevated above the keyboard and your wrists should be straight.

How to Choose an Office Chair in Canada

How to Choose an Office Chair in Canada

Office chairs seem simple but once you start looking for the perfect one, you start feeling overwhelmed. They have various features, options to recline more or less, to give your back more comfort or make you sit up straight, etc.

In all cases, you must find the one that suits you. There might be thousands of options, but not all will be the right fit. What do you need from your office chair? Do you have any back, neck, or other problems that need your attention when sitting?

The following tips, tricks, and features can help you choose an office chair that works best for you. Make sure to consider these factors as you shop for the best office chairs in Canada. 

Office Chair Essential Features

As we mentioned, there are various types of office chairs in Canada that have different features. Some can be reclinable and let you easily fall back into a more lying position, while others are stiffer and push you forward.

Naturally, not all of us have the same height, weight, or preferences. These are critical as you choose your new office chair.


When you sit, your thighs should be parallel to the floor. This means that you need to find a chair that can easily change its height. As we mentioned before, your feet also need to touch the ground.

The reason for this is that the right height will help your whole body keep a straight line. Otherwise, if you are sitting on a higher chair, there is a small possibility of damaging your kneecaps when jumping down to the ground.

Look for an office chair that has a pneumatic adjustment lever that can help you sit higher or lower.


Weight is also important to consider because you surely don’t want to feel as if you’re sitting in a kid’s chair. You should always first check the maximum weight capacity of the office chair, especially if you’re heavier.

In general, most office chairs tend to support around 300 pounds, but of course, some support less and some support more. Weight can also play an important part in choosing some other features like the back support system.


You definitely want to pay attention to the material of your office chair. The seat is usually made of foam and choosing a high-density product will last you longer.

However, when checking the seat, make sure that the padding is comfortable.
It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft because either will make your sitting unpleasant.

The back of most office chairs is made from mesh which renders it more breathable. This is a strong asset to have in an office chair, so if you are planning on sitting for too long, you wouldn’t want to get sweaty – especially in summer.

But, if you want more support for your back, there are also the upholstered foam backs.

Lumbar Support

The most prominent office chairs in Canada will surely come with good lumbar support. Some will have it integrated into the chair through a curve, while others will present it as an addition – in the shape of a pillow or backrest.

It’s important to have a good lumbar support system in your office chair because it would ease the pressure on the lumbar discs in your spine. As the day progresses, this would also keep you from sagging too much into the chair i.e. you can keep a straighter posture.

If you find an office chair that has adjustable lumbar support, then you’ve hit the jackpot! You can tailor the support it offers to your needs.


A good office chair should allow you to adjust pretty much every setting. But, more importantly, you should be able to reach the adjustment levers from your sitting position. This way, you can feel where your body is most comfortable without improvising.  

Common points of adjustment include the height and tilt of the seat, the angle of the backrest, and the armrests. Ergonomic chairs should have multiple adjustment modes that can help you find a more comfortable position for longer sessions at your desk.


Comfort is subjective. That is why you shouldn’t go by what others have told you, but instead, choose an office chair that works the best for your comfort levels. Try out several types, research online, and see what features and options you’d like your office chair to have.

Take into consideration your back or neck problems and how the office chair you choose can help reduce any discomfort. The thickness of the cushion and certain other features (including lumbar support modes and pillows) can help improve comfort even if you use the chair for short periods.


When sitting in one place for too long, you might want to move around a little. Also, sometimes, you might need to get around the desk and grab a few things. In these cases, getting up and down constantly can be tiring.

Consider this when you’re buying an office chair. If you work in a place with a long desk and you often need to grab a few things at the other end, it’s good to buy an office chair with good casters and swivel.

But, pay attention to the type of casters you’re getting – you don’t want to graze your laminated floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you work from home or need a superior office chair to take to work elsewhere, buying an office chair in Canada is a great investment. Good office chairs will help support you and alleviate pressure in your back and hips when you have to sit for long periods of time. Office chairs come in multiple materials, sizes and cots, ensuring no matter what you are looking for, there is sure to be a great office chair for you.

Office chairs will typically last for many years as with regular use and proper care. The length of time before an office chair in Canada breaks down will vary depending on how much you use it, the materials and the quality of construction. For the longest lifespan, make sure you use the chair on proper surfaces, and don’t roll the chair into objects unnecessarily.

Canadians who like to game will need to choose an office chair that is comfortable, especially for those who like to game for hours at a time. The BestOffice Gaming Chair is a great option for any gamer needing a quality chair with a great headrest and ergonomic design. It is important for Canadians to seek an ultra-supportive chair when gaming, as it is easy for your body to become stiff and tight over a few hours.

Buying an office chair online means receiving the chair in pieces and needing to assemble it yourself. Typically, an office chair will come in a few parts, as well as the wheels, instruction booklet and sometimes an included tool. Luckily, the assembly of an office chair is super easy and can be done by one person in under 20 minutes.

Like other types of chairs, there are weight limits on office chairs, which can limit who can use them. Most office chairs have a weight limit that ranges from 220 pounds to over 300 pounds. Those who are heavier will want to ensure the office chair they are considering will accommodate their weight without issue.