If you’re coming up on the retirement age of 65 in Canada, you may have started thinking about where exactly you want to retire. Many people live in or near major cities like Toronto because of work. Once you’re no longer working, there’s no obligation to stay in the big city. So, if you’re looking to branch out and see what Ontario offers, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at ten of the best places to retire in Ontario.

Best Places To Retire In Ontario


Whenever you ask a Canadian what the best place to retire is, most people will say Peterborough. Peterborough has a great location, somewhere in the middle of Toronto and Ottawa. This is perfect for those who have family in either major city but want to get out.

Peterborough has a big older population who are very active in the community. For example, there is a Peterborough Senior Hockey League with members over 55 years old. This is great news for anyone who wants to stay active in their retirement. If hockey isn’t your thing, fishing is huge in Peterborough!

There are plenty of great retirement communities in Peterborough, but if you want to remain more independent, housing is affordable as well! As 20% of the population are seniors, you will never be bored or lonely in Peterborough.


Stratford is well-known for the annual Shakespeare festival or Summer Music Festival, but it is also a great town to retire. Stratford is the perfect town for those who love a city’s convenience but the feeling of a small town. Stratford is located on the Avon River, so nature lovers can rejoice.

Stratford also has one of the lowest living costs in North America, so you won’t need to worry about burning through your retirement money. Property taxes are low as well, and Stratford has plenty of medical professionals should you need their services. Stratford is thus a great place to retire, especially if you love the arts!


No, we’re not talking about London, England here but London, Ontario! It may seem strange that we included London on our list when we discussed retirees wanting to get away from major cities, but London is actually one of Canada’s happiest cities. This is because it is a city with great amenities, but it has tons of green areas, affordable housing, and a great location!

London is close to Lake Huron and Lake Erie, so beach trips from London are easy. It is also near plenty of great small towns like Grand Bend and Corunna, so you can take plenty of day trips to get that small-town feel.

Niagara on the Lake

If you love wine, you’ve probably heard of Niagara on the Lake! It is one of the nicest towns in Canada, thanks to how quaint the scenery is. It is also less than half an hour away from the world wonder Niagara Falls! This is perfect for those who love visiting the touristy area but want to live in a smaller town.

Niagara on the Lake has great walking and cycling trails as it has access to the Bruce Trail. This is perfect for seniors who want to stay active in retirement. If not, try touring one of the nearby wineries instead!


Situated between Toronto and Kingston is a beautiful lakeside town called Cobourg. Cobourg receives tons of tourists every summer, thanks to the town’s stunning waterfront. Visitors can head to the beach, take a walk along the boardwalk, rent a boat, or visit one of the many hiking and cycling trails.

In addition to all of the great activities, Cobourg offers a low cost of living and has tons of medical services, making it a perfect place to retire.


Collingwood is one of Ontario’s biggest tourist destinations thanks to its easy access to Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountain. You may not think Collingwood is a great place to retire because of all the tourists, but you’d be wrong.

In Collingwood, 30% of the population is of retirement age as it is one of the most sought-after places to retire thanks to its location, waterfront, and low cost of living.


Another great location between Toronto and Ottawa is Kingston. Kingston is on the eastern end of Lake Ontario and is thus one of Ontario’s most popular spots for sailing, a great retirement activity.

Thanks to its great location, housing is a bit more expensive in Kingston, but it is well worth it! You’ll always have something to do.

Owen Sound

If you have ever visited one of Canada’s best beaches, Sauble Beach, you have probably passed through Owen Sound. Owen Sound is situated on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, a beautiful location.

The cost of living is low, and even outside of summer, there are things to do in Owen Sound with a variety of festivals and events.


Another big city that has made it to our list is Windsor. Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada as it is situated across the way from Detroit. Thus, Windsor is a great place to retire for those who like to venture into the states for shopping or sightseeing.

Since Windsor is much further out than other major cities in Ontario, the cost of living is low, so you may even be able to save while still living in a city.


Ending our list is Canada’s prettiest little town, Paris. Although it’s not Paris, France, the town of Paris in Ontario is one of the best places for retirement. The town is perfect for nature lovers, especially in the fall when all of the trees in the surrounding Carolinian forest turn red, yellow, and orange. In summer, you can take your grandkids river rafting on the Grand River or even join in yourself if you’re feeling daring!

Paris is also perfect for foodies as there are plenty of award-winning fine dining restaurants and renowned bakeries. No matter what you enjoy, you won’t be bored in Paris!