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Canadians all across the country can enjoy the many benefits of standing desks. According to our working from home statistics article for Canadians, over 30% of Canada’s workforce works remotely. With this type of desk, those who spend a lot of time at a desk either at home or at the office can change their routine. Standing desks can have various health effects, from helping with blood pressure to reducing back pain. They can also add a spark of fun to the daily grind by allowing Canadians to switch from a sitting to a standing position whenever they feel like.

Standing desks bring flexibility to the day, so whether you use a desk for work or for play or both, you can feel more adventurous about how you interact with this space. With increased ergonomics and organizational bonuses, standing desks can assist with adjusting posture and even allowing the possibility of working out while working. There are many standing desks on offer, but the following selection stands out from the rest. Here’s what the best standing desks in Canada can offer you.

The best standing desks for Canadians

  1. Best Overall for Offices. Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk

The Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk is our choice for the best overall option for Canadians. This popular desk brings minimalist style to Canadian offices, with an ergonomic design and easy switching between positions at any time. A high-quality option that is still convenient for most budgets.

  1. Best for Adjustable Height. SHW Standing Desk

The SHW 55-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk offers a lot of workspace with easy adjustable height. This option comes with 4 memory presets to add convenience to Canadians’ days, and it uses telescopic height adjustment for smooth transitioning between heights.

  1. Best Spacious Size. Flexispot Standing Desk

The Flexispot Electric Standing Desk is a great whole-piece workstation option. This desk is known for how spacious it is, allowing Canadians to use it efficiently for any work task. The electric lift for height adjustment brings extra practicality to the day, while the 2-button control switches the desk from switching to standing in seconds.

  1. Best for Durability. VIVO Standing Desk

The VIVO Standing Desk is a solid option with large work surface and a powerful electric motor to help with height adjustment. This desk allows height customization and an easy and quick transition between sitting and standing. The sturdy frame brings robust convenience to the office space.

  1. Best Easy Assembly. Fezibo Standing Desk

The Fezibo Standing Desk comes with 3 preset buttons that are perfect for height customization. This option is easy to assemble once received, and it offers a robust steel electric lift system. The lockable casters add flexibility and straightforward mobility to the experience.

  1. Best for Smaller Workspaces. VIVO Desk Converter

The VIVO Desk Converter creates an efficient workspace with smooth lift assist. The sturdy minimalist design is enhanced by the straightforward easy assembly required upon delivery. The original height-locking mechanism makes the customization of the desk even easier and more accessible.

What is a standing desk?

If you’ve ever spent most of your day at the desk, you know your body can feel sore after an entire day’s work. Sitting too long at your desk can be dangerous for your health. It puts you at a higher risk for problems with your back and hip joints, heart disease, and diabetes.

As the name suggests, a standing desk is a desk you can utilize while standing and sitting down. Most standing desks are adjustable, meaning they have memory settings you can change to reach your desired height and save to switch between the day.

Standing desks boost a more active work style and benefit those who sit long hours at the desk. The standard height of a desk in Canada is usually 30 inches, which can sometimes be too high or low for users. That’s why a standing desk allows maximum adjustability (from 25 inches all the way to 50 inches), allowing you to program various heights for different tasks. A study from the Take-a-Stand project found that a standing desk reduced time spent sitting by 224% and reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%.

They’re becoming more popular in the modern Canadian office space and allowing users to stand and move while working, helping to improve posture and overall productivity.

Reviewing the Top Standing Desks in Canada

Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk

Best Overall for Offices

Motion Series Standing Desk
Photo: Made in CA


Dimensions: 104 x 25 x 25 cm
Height Range: 23.6 to 49 inches
Weight Capacity: 230 pounds
Motor System: Dual

What Canadian Customers Say

Customers on the Motion Grey website indicate that they are impressed with the quality of the standing desk, along with its performance. They also praise the easy setup involved in the process, and the practical transitioning between standing and sitting.

– Rebecca Clark, Made in CA Staff

For Canadians who want

  • Easy setup. This Motion Grey Series desk is easy to install, with straightforward instructions to follow during setup. A very handy option for Canadians, especially for those new to this type of desk.
  • Premium materials. This standing desk is made from high-quality materials that are resilient and durable, so you can enjoy this investment for longer even if you switch positions often.
  • Quiet performance. A quiet motor and low noise output during operation make this desk ideal for reducing distraction. Even when it is being raised or lowered, this desk performs quietly.

Avoid if

  • Wobble avoidant. At maximum height, this desk occasionally wobbles. If that will bother you (and if you want to use the max height often), it might not be best for you.

The Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk is an impressive option that is popular with Canadians who spend long hours at their desks. Featuring innovative engineering, this Motion Grey option comes with dual motors created by Bosch. The sturdy frame is made from three-segmented steel that increase the overall robustness of the desk. We loved the stylish minimalist design and the ergonomic comfort provided by the desk.

The great height adjustability of the standing desk makes it a serious contender for Canadians looking to change how they approach the experience. This desk can suit people measuring from 5 to 7 feet of height, which makes it a highly efficient and practical choice. We enjoyed the ability to use the included memory pad to record our favorite height adjustments. The seamless transition between standing and sitting positions is another plus.

The standing desk comes with setup instructions and a handy video to provide extra guidance. These helpful tools make installation easy and quick, letting Canadians enjoy the many benefits of the desk without any headaches. Motion Grey is based in Canada, which adds extra convenience to those seeking an easy way to implement a more active lifestyle during their work hours.

This top-rated standing desk with high-performance motors is a great choice for Canadians looking for a premium quality option that won’t break the bank.

Bosch Dual Motors. One of the main reasons we chose the Motion Grey over the other standing desks on our list for our top pick is due to its Bosch dual motor system. Although it might not seem that important on the surface, a dual motor system we’ve realized provides far superior weight limit and speed (1.5”/sec) compared to a single motor system (0.8”/sec). You can comfortable enjoy almost double the weight limit at 230 pounds on this standing desk.

The dual motor system on the Motion Grey Series gives it a superior weight limit
The dual motor system on the Motion Grey Series gives it a superior weight limit. Photo: Motion Grey
Take a look at the Bosch motors on this Motion Grey Series Standing Desk
Take a look at the Bosch motors on this Motion Grey Series Standing Desk. Credit: Motion Grey

Tremendous Height Range. We found the range of the Motion Grey caters to a wide array of user preferences and heights. If you’re a Canadian between 5 and 7 feet (which should be most people) you should g have no issues using the standing desk. The range adjustability of 23.6 to 49 inches allows you to use the desk standing or even sitting down. You can even use the standing desk while on the treadmill! And it’s also whisper quiet when operating the height settings, at just 40 dB in noise.

Testers between 5 and 7 feet on the Motion Grey Standing Desk
Testers between 5 and 7 feet on the Motion Grey Standing Desk. Credit: Motion Grey

The desk also comes with 4 memory settings which is easy to setup and use. We found it took less than 2 minutes to set the our different desired heights on all 4 settings on the standing desk.

4 Memory Settings on the Motion Grey Standing Desk
4 Memory Settings on the Motion Grey Standing Desk. Credit: Motion Grey

When you pair the easy assembly (around 1 hour), the overall strong build quality of a three-segmented steel frame and the dual Bosch motor system, I think it’s a no-brainer standing desk purchase. And if you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, granted you will have to pay for return shipping and any restocking fees.

SHW Standing Desk

Best for Adjustable Height

SHW Standing Desk
Credit: Made in CA


Dimensions: 71 x 139 x 71 cm
Height Range: 28 to 45 inches
Weight Capacity: 110 pounds
Motor System: Single

What Canadian Customers Say

Customers on Amazon state that the SHW standing desk is a reliable option that is easy to assemble and great value for money. They also highlight the overall stability of the desk and the stylish look.

– Rebecca Clark, Made in CA Staff

For Canadians who want

  • Budget-friendly. This SHW desk is an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice design quality. Canadians around the country enjoy this desk for how wallet-friendly it is, especially as it suits those new to standing desks as well as those with experience.
  • Easy to install. Helpful, detailed instructions make installing and setup a breeze with this standing desk. It won’t take any time at all to get started.
  • Memory settings. This standing desk offers convenience, especially thanks to the 4 preset memory settings that can be saved to accommodate your preferences during use.
  • Sturdy build. Those who prefer a standing desk that is not prone to wobbling should opt for this choice. This SHW desk has a sturdy and robust design that will remain steady during use.

Avoid if

  • Looking for exciting design. This option from SHW can look a bit flat and dull, so Canadians looking for something with more originality or aesthetic appeal might want to give this a pass.

The SHW 55-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk offers excellent height adjustability to Canadians. It is made from premium high-grade industrial steel to deliver a robust build, and it includes an electric lift system for extra convenience. The increased stability of the desk is practical for all users, and there are 4 memory presets to facilitate easy customization. The telescopic height adjustment allows straightforward transitioning that goes from 28 to 45 inches. We enjoyed the sturdiness and stability of the desk, but we loved the grommets on the top surface which can be used for organization.

The simple minimalist design gets great style points from us, as does the easy installation. Canadians won’t have to worry about spending hours on setup with this standing desk. The enhanced stability of the desk is also ensured by the adjustable leg glides on the bottom of the desk. It comes with useful accessories, like a cable management basket that can be placed under the desk to keep cables out of the way.

When transitioning between heights, the electric motor of the desk delivers quiet performance. This is an ideal solution for Canadian households that aren’t very spacious. While this desk offers good space for work and play, it doesn’t take up much floor area, so we could partake in the benefits without sacrificing space.

Solid tabletop. The SHW standing desk tabletop blends functionality and style with its versatile design options and colours. From Maple to White, its durable tabletops have over 6 colours options to choose from, all of them resistant to scratches and stains, it stands up to daily use with grace.

The SHW standing desk engineered wood table top
The SHW standing desk engineered wood table top. Credit: Made in CA

Well placed accessories. When it comes to accessories, the SHW desk doesn’t disappoint in this regard as well. Side hooks for headphones and a humble yet functional drawer for stationery, plus how easy is it to set up customizable heights. While we observed that the motor is audible during height adjustments, it’s not disruptive and is quiet enough to ensure that other people in the room several meters from where you are will not fail to notice.

Settings are user-friendly. The desk possesses friendly adjustment control system with programmable settings that totals to four and this makes it easy in the transition from your preferred heights. After moving to a different position, the desk will comfortably support your multiple monitors and even studio equipments without wobbling. Just keep in mind the maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds.

Easy to use and setup memory presets.
Easy to use and setup memory presets. Credit: Made in CA

Equipped to accommodate multiple desk equipment and stored height settings, and given the price even disregarding budget choice, there’s every reason this desk be highly recommended by users to anyone looking at an utilitarian standing desk.

Flexispot Standing Desk

Best Spacious Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk
Credit: Made in CA


Dimensions: 71 x 139 x 71 cm
Height Range: 28 to 47.6 inches
Weight Capacity: 154 pounds
Motor System: Single

What Canadian Customers Say

Amazon customers enjoyed the ample space provided by the desk, while also praising its sturdiness and ergonomic comfort. They were also satisfied with the value for money and the quality of the product.

– Melissa Haynes, Made in CA Staff

For Canadians who want

  • Ample space. Those looking for a spacious work area on their desk should consider what this desk has to offer. It can fit various monitors, a laptop, and accessories with ease, allowing you to work in comfort.
  • Convenient controls. The convenient 2-button control system quickly converts the desk from sitting to standing. This saves you time and enhances the comfort of using the desk.
  • Ergonomic design. The standing desk features an ergonomic design that increases the overall comfort of the experience, so you can use it for longer without sacrificing comfort.
  • Durable build. The reinforced steel frame of the desk is resilient and adds to the durability of the product. Canadians can enjoy the benefits of the desk with confidence in its sturdiness.

Avoid if

  • You dislike longer installations. There are various steps involved in the setup of this standing desk, so Canadians who want a quick and easy installation might want to avoid this option.

The Flexispot Standing Desk impressed us as a whole-piece option. We were taken with the stability of the industrial steel frame working in tandem with a reinforced desktop. The motor of the electric lift provides smooth height adjustment that is also quick. Canadians can take advantage of the 2-button control system that converts the desk from sitting to standing within seconds. The whole-piece design is made from premium materials and offers a workspace of 55 by 28 inches. This can suit various workspaces with ease, and we got to take advantage of that with 2 monitors and other accessories. Canadians looking for extra space should consider this a strong finalist in their search for a great standing desk.

This Flexispot standing desk also stands out due to the quality it offers while remaining budget-friendly. The high-quality sturdy and stable build also benefits from a quiet motor allowing for an easy transition between standing and sitting at any time. The one detrimental factor we encountered is the installation, which isn’t always very straightforward and can take extra time in some cases. You might also find yourself needing a drill while following the steps in the instructions, which is not included with the desk.

Doesn’t have memory settings. What we did notice about this model was that it didn’t feature any memory settings. This is a huge downside, especially if you like to switch between different heights during the day while working. Keep in mind the EC1 is a no-frills electric standing desk, so if plan to stand for most of the time working on this desk then this shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t, it might be better to look for a desk with memory settings.

The Flexispot EC1 doesn't have numbered memory settings.
The Flexispot EC1 doesn’t have numbered memory settings. Credit: Flexispot

VIVO Standing Desk

Best Desk for Durability

Vivo Standing Desk
Credit: Made in CA


Dimensions: 59 x 149 x 73 cm
Height Range: 29.3 to 48.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 176 pounds
Motor System: Single

What Canadian Customers Say

Amazon customers are impressed with the performance of the VIVO Standing Desk. They highlight the easy assembly process and the overall quality of the product. They also enjoy the thick and sturdy desktop and the functional design.

– David Hall, Made in CA Staff

For Canadian Canadians who want

  • Powerful performance. This VIVO option offers a powerful motor that streamlines the experience of switching from a sitting desk to a standing one, even with various heights involved.
  • Sturdy frame. The sturdy steel frame of the desk increases its durability and stability, greatly reducing the risk of wobbling. This can make the desk a more convenient choice for Canadians.
  • Customizable heights. With customizable heights available, the desk can provide a more personalized experience based on your preferences and your needs.
    Memory presets. The ease of the overall height adjustment process is enhanced by the 4 memory presets available that you can use to save your preferences.

Avoid if

  • Not fans of dull finish. The finish of this VIVO stand up desk can look a bit dull to Canadians interested in stylish designs that increase aesthetic appeal.

The VIVO Standing Desk is a convenient one-piece option that offers a seamless and practical switch from sitting to standing. Canadians can enjoy the ergonomic design of this desk, assisted by a powerful motor for quick and easy telescopic height adjustment. There is a controller that can be used to access 4 memory presets that allowed us to have more control over customization. The desk is all-steel and engineered wood, built for stability and durability. The particle board on the desktop is scratch-resistant, which adds to the convenience of the design. We comfortable viewing angles available, as well as the smooth transition from sitting to standing and back again.

The installation of the standing desk is straightforward, and the motor is quiet during the height adjustment process. The transition is also quick, and suits our needs considering we love to switch from one position to another through the day. If you have a desired preset memorized, you can easily access it with one tap, without the need to hold down the button. The most visible downside we encountered is that while the engineering wood adds sturdiness to the build, the finish can look slightly flat. Despite this, it can be a practical choice for most Canadians.

Easy to Use and Adjustable Height. There are easy memory settings on the VIVO standing desk which are simply built for any kind of user to understand. As show below, an unfussy control pad that’s very user-friendly, displayed with its big buttons for instant height presets. We find it’s easy to raise the desk height with a single tap, something that eases the transition from sitting to standing.

Easy to use memory settings on the VIVO standing desk
Easy to use memory settings on the VIVO standing desk. Credit: VIVO

Sturdy and Long-lasting Tabletop. The second image shows the robust working surface provided by the substantial 1-inch thick tabletop of the VIVO standing desk. We love this thickness since it evokes much promise with regards to durability and stability, something we feel is above-par for desks within its price range ($200-$300 CAD). The solid construction, in turn, instills confidence to the users that the desk can sustain all types of robust and longtime usage – from heavy-duty work, or dynamic creative tasks carried out.

The VIVO has a very thick table top at 1-inch compared to other cheaper standing desk tops.
The VIVO has a very thick table top at 1-inch compared to other cheaper standing desk tops. Credit: VIVO

Solid Structural Support. The VIVO desk can definitely hold oversized mounts with proof of its excellent structural support. This feature has been tested so that users who have mounted multiple monitors and heavy equipment have a desk that stands firm without wobble. We especially appreciate the ease of assembly and the consideration taken to include extra parts to guarantee that not only do the desks meet but they surpass the functional needs of an extensive variation of professional setups.

The VIVO standing desk supports oversized mounts.
The VIVO standing desk supports oversized mounts. Credit: VIVO

Fezibo Standing Desk

Best Easy-to-Assemble

Fezibo Standing Desk
Credit: Made in CA


Dimensions: 60 x 140 x 75 cm
Height Range: 32.5 to 51.4 inches
Weight Capacity: 150 pounds
Motor System: Single

What Canadian Customers Say

Amazon customers enjoy the sturdiness of this Fezibo standing desk, as well as the easy installation. Another highlight for customers is the smooth performance of the motor and the low noise output.

– Melissa Haynes, Made in CA Staff

For Canadians who want

  • Customizable presets. The 3 preset buttons available with the desk make it easier to personalize the way you use it.
  • Sturdy frame. The frame of the desk is designed to keep it from wobbling, so you can enjoy a less shaky experience than with others.
  • Easy installation. The straightforward instructions make it easy to assemble the desk without spending too much time on the process. This increases the overall convenience of the desk.
  • Spacious design. The spacious workspace available with this desk is an added benefit for Canadians looking to transition to this type of work experience. You have plenty of space to add various monitors and accessories.

Avoid if

  • Looking for easy drawers. There are no drawer tracks available for the drawers included with the desk, so you might find them awkward to maneuver.

The Fezibo Electric Standing Desk features easy assembly to entice any Canadian into changing their lifestyles. This game-changing option comes with a convenient height range that can be easily adjusted thanks to the sturdy electric lift system. The standing desk features a robust build thanks to its industrial-grade alloy steel frame which is reinforced in the lift system. For extra customization, there are 3 preset buttons available that we could use to seamlessly switch between our preferred heights. We enjoyed the double drawer design available on the shelves at the top of the desk. The only downside of this design was the lack of drawer tracks, which can occasionally lead to pulling the drawers too far out when using them.

The assembly is straightforward and quick, thanks to the splice board and hooks that come in the package. If you’re looking for a more flexible type of standing desk, this should be the option you consider. It includes lockable swivel casters that rotate 360º and are designed to keep scratches away from floors while allowing extra maneuverability. Canadians looking to improve their posture while getting a lot of other practical benefits from a standing desk should keep this option in mind at the top of the list.

Functional Storage and Design. The Fezibo standing desk incorporates integrated cube and drawer storage. Unlike some overly minimalist designs, this desk has a place for everything. From pencils to books and chargers it has you covered.

FEZIBO standing desk has only 3 memory settings
FEZIBO standing desk has only 3 memory settings. Credit: FEZIBO
FEZIBO Standing Desk table top looks has a great real wood design
FEZIBO Standing Desk table top looks has a great real wood design. Credit: FEZIBO

The desk’s top, with its convincing real wood design, gives off a premium feel without being overly flashy. This is a step up from the ever-present laminate or veneer tops that tend to be offered as standard in some standing desks, and while it lacks the array of height presets one might desire, it nonetheless stands alone in both visual appeal and surface stability.

FEZIBO standing desk has contemporary design has storage cube and spacious drawers.
FEZIBO standing desk has contemporary design has storage cube and spacious drawers. Credit: FEZIBO

Only 3 memory settings. The Fezibo standing desk has only 3 memory settings compared to the usual 4 in most Canadian standing desks. That might be a downside for users whose height preferences frequently change throughout the day, but for those who adhere to an established trio of tried and true positions, the simplicity might be seen as a benefit.

VIVO Desk Converter

Best for Smaller Workspaces

Vivo Desk Converter
Credit: Made in CA


Dimensions: 39 x 80 x 50 cm
Height Range: 4.3 to 20 inches
Weight Capacity: 33 pounds
Motor System: None

What Canadian Customers Say

Amazon customers enjoy the convenience of this converter, and the way it is great for any budget. The minimal installation steps are an added plus, as is the efficient workspace provided with the design.

– Rebecca Clark, Made in CA Staff

For Canadians who want

  • Efficient space use. The VIVO desk converter creates a more efficient use of space thanks to its practical design. It provides Canadians with enough work space to enjoy the experience with ease.
  • Convenient lift. The lift included with the converter makes quick transitions between heights whenever you are ready to switch to a standing position.
  • Minimal installation steps. Thanks to the practical design of the converter, there are minimal installation steps involved so you can enjoy the switch even more.
  • Sturdy build. The sturdy frame of the desk converter provides a robust experience to Canadians looking to add different variables to their work routines.

Avoid if

  • You hate wobbling. While it is an overall sturdy option, the desk can have some wobbling at specific heights. If you prefer to not experience that, you should consider a different option.

The VIVO Desk Converter is a highly efficient option that provides more than enough space for dual monitors, a laptop, and even a keyboard tray that is designed to sync to whichever height adjustment is active at any given time. We enjoyed the minimal assembly involved, as this converted can be used to attach to your existing desk and turn it into a standing desk. All you need to do once you receive it is fit the converter to your desk, attach the keyboard tray, and enjoy. You can easily switch from sitting to standing thanks to the sturdy lift assist available with the desk converter. To use it, you just have to touch it to activate the height locking mechanism as the converter elevates to the desired height.

The sturdy design is easy to use and provides great value to Canadians, especially those who spend long hours at the desk working from home. We used it to switch between positions various times throughout the day, which the converter did with ease. We noticed that it can occasionally have some wobbling, but usually remains sturdy during the process. This is a very useful choice for Canadians looking to have a straightforward conversion from a traditional desk to a standing option.

Build Quality Reasonably Sturdy for a Budget Option. From a quick look at the VIVO Desk Converer, it would seem that the build quality is pretty solid given its price bracket (sub $200 CAD). The robust metal frame and smooth operating mechanism suggest that VIVO hasn’t cut corners in terms of build quality. While testing the lifting capability of the converter, it moves with up and down motion without a jerking action and its extended height doesn’t feel shaky at all.

The VIVO desk converter has a solid build quality for those on a budget.
The VIVO desk converter has a solid build quality for those on a budget. Credit: VIVO

Supports a Variety of Setups with Ease. The VIVO Desk Converter is superbly designed in order to support even a myriad of office setups. Whether it’s accommodating an extra-wide monitor or a more complicated arrangement with multiple devices (eg. dual 24 inch monitors,) the platform hold very steady. Placing the laptop and the monitor side by side didn’t compromise stability, nor did things feel overly cramped in a hands-on test. A wide, easy to use keyboard tray beneath provides comfortable typing and mousing important for those long work sessions. Easily configured to a number of different arrangements this converter proves the multi-tasking individual has been considered making it uncluttered or outright difficult to manage.

VIVO desk converter is great for multiple setup configurations
VIVO desk converter is great for multiple setup configurations. Credit: VIVO

How our standing desk picks in Canada compare

Below we list the features of every single standing desk we recommended on our list and how they compare against each other. We make sure to update this list every time we add a new standing desk or a specific feature has changed. Remember to check the prices as they change on a regular basis and to also keep in mind we selected the dimensions based on the most popular variation of the desk. We’ve also tried to avoid any configurable parts which might affect the price drastically, for example a natural wood top.

CategoryStanding DeskHeight RangeLift TypeWeight CapacityMotor System
Best Overall for OfficesMotion Grey Standing Desk23 to 49 inchesElectric230 poundsDual
Best for Adjustable HeightSHW Standing Desk28 to 45 inchesElectric110 poundsSingle
Best Spacious DeskFlexispot EC1 Standing Desk28 to 47 inchesElectric154 poundsSingle
Best Desk for DurabilityVIVO Standing Desk29 to 48 inchesElectric176 poundsSingle
Best Easy-to-AssembleFezibo Standing Desk32 to 51 inchesElectric150 poundsSingle
Best for Smaller WorkspacesVIVO Desk Converter4 to 20 inchesConverter33 poundsNone

Types of standing desks in Canada

There are three main types of standing desks available in Canada.

  1. Electric. This is the most popular type of standing desk in Canada. It comes equipped with a single or dual motor system that can raise and lower the legs of the standing desk. The system comes with several presets you can use to save your desired heights.
  2. Mechanical. Similar to the electric version, this type of standing desk allows you to adjust the height without a motor system. It functions using a hand-operated crank for you to adjust the height manually. By far, the most unpopular and time-consuming standing desk, but also the cheapest.
  3. Converter. If you don’t have the space for an electric standing desk or can’t justify the cost, you can also select a standing desk converter. It’s a way to convert your existing standalone desk to a standing one. It does this by allowing you to adjust the converter’s height. But remember, this also comes with a smaller footprint and weight limit, usually allowing you to accommodate just a laptop.

Which is better, dual vs. single motor system?

To answer it, a dual-motor system is superior to a single one. But you have to consider if you need it. The motor system is just one aspect of a standing desk. You still have to consider the type of tabletop (usually, more expensive variations only come in dual motors), warranty, build quality, etc.

A dual-motor system can achieve a higher weight capacity, height range and a more robust build due to its one extra motor. For example, a dual-motor system from Motion Grey Motion Series (a Canadian standing desk company) has a weight capacity of 230 pounds, a height range of 23.6 to 49 inches and noise of 40 dB. Compared to their Ergo2 Series, which has a weight capacity of 176 pounds, is between 28 inches to 46 inches and has a noise level of 45 dB. The dual motor system is slightly slower by about 1-inch/second, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Selecting a single motor might be best if you’re looking for the cheapest electric standing desk. If you plan to use this desk for the long term, then you’ll benefit from the dual motor system.

How we picked and tested these standing desks for Canadians

How we picked and tested these standing desks for Canadians
How we picked and tested these standing desks for Canadians. Credit: Made in CA

With so many standing desks available to Canadians, you might find yourself not knowing which one to choose. There are some features that have more weight than others when choosing which standing desk is the best option for you. Keeping these features in mind when picking the desk can reduce the risk of dissatisfaction with the product when it does arrive.

Height Range

The height range of a standing desk can be an important factor when choosing the right option. This will determine how much height Canadians can achieve when using a standing desk. The height range can be an essential aspect, especially for those looking to correct their posture through using a standing desk. Depending on your own height, the height range of the standing desk should suit your needs and your measurements. If you get one that doesn’t work with your needs, then you might be dissatisfied with your purchase to the point of having to return it. When you look at standing desks, make sure to check the height range on offer with each option.


Canadians looking to use a standing desk should always take a look at the materials used in the design. When choosing, you should make sure that the materials used are premium high-quality ones that create a sturdy build. Ideally, check for a reinforced steel frame at the very least, and a fully steel design to be sure of the robust quality of the standing desk in question. The more premium the materials used for the design, the less wobbles you will experience while using the desk. You will also get to worry less about the overall durability of the desk you choose if you take a look at the materials.

Straightforward installation

Ease of use is important with any product, but in this case ease of assembly is essential. You don’t want to be spending hours on putting together a standing desk before you can go ahead and enjoy its benefits. The best standing desks we have included on this list are known for their easy installation, but you should always check this aspect when looking at a standing desk to purchase. Many of them include both an instruction list with step-by-step guidance, as well as access to a video that illuminates the installation even more. Having a straightforward installation can dramatically improve your experience of a standing desk.

Lift assist

There are various types of lift assist available with standing desks. The most popular type tends to be the electric lift, which is usually powered by a high-performance motor. An electric lift can greatly simplify the experience of using a standing desk. This lift will make the effort of height adjustment for you, in a quick manner that will allow you to transition between sitting and standing positions with ease at any time. With an electric lift, you can usually just press a button and enjoy the reward of the result. If you are looking for a more traditional option, you can opt for a manual standing desk, which is recommended if you don’t intend to move the desk too much.

Memory presets

Many standing desks come with height customization options. Once you reach the desired height during the adjustment process, you can save a memory preset if you have a type of standing desk that allows that. With a memory preset or several, you will be able to easily access your desired setting with just one touch. This is a great feature for Canadians who transition between sitting and standing several times throughout the day. With this helpful assistance, you can have a more efficient experience that allows you to enjoy more benefits with more comfort.

Frequently Asked Standing Desk Questions by Canadians

Why are standing desks becoming so popular in Canada?

Standing desks are enjoying an increasing popularity thanks to the more health-conscious awareness that people have. The pandemic also played a part by making more people have to work remotely, withdrawing access to many parts of the active moments of each routine.

What benefits do standing desks have for Canadians?

Standing desks can provide various benefits to Canadian workers who spend lots of time at a desk. They can improve posture and relieve pressure on the spine that can lead to backache. They can also regulate blood pressure by adding activity to an otherwise sedentary routine.

Can standing desks make Canadians more productive?

Standing desks can help with increased productivity by providing a change to the routine and by boosting activity in a low-impact way. This could lead to Canadians feeling more focused, which in turn could yield better work results.

Are Canadian standing desks durable?

The best standing desks in Canada are built for durability. They are usually made with reinforced steel frames and premium materials like strong sustainable woods that are used with overall resilience in mind.

Are electric standing desks better for Canadians?

There are various types of standing desks, and electric ones can be more convenient to use. They usually have powerful motors that make switching between sitting and standing at various height a breeze. Canadians looking for a practical choice might consider this the better option.

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