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Standing alternatives can bring various benefits to the lives of Canadians who need to spend a lot of time working at desks. Switching between a seated and a standing option can relieve pressure on your spine while potentially boosting work energy levels by providing the brain with a new setting. If you’d like to try a standing desk, you might find yourself not knowing which would be the right one for you.

To assist you with this challenge, we have created a curated selection of the best standing desks for Canadians in 2023. The products you’ll find below have been extensively researched and evaluated based on the features that are most important to Canadians. Let’s take a look at what these standing desks can offer you.

Best Standing Desks for Canadians in 2023

Why Did We Choose These Standing Desks in Canada?

We evaluated each of the desks on our list for special features that made them stand apart from the rest. We looked at every aspect of these standing desks, and researched which features were most important for Canadians. Here’s why we ended up choosing each of the best standing desks in Canada.

The Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk with Table Top is the best standing desk in Canada overall. A large height range, sturdy tabletop, and multiple programming and customization options all help this desk elevate your home or office space.

When it comes to memory settings, the more the merrier! The SHW 55-inch Large Adjustable Standing Desk offers 4 different memory settings, so you can have different settings for different users and situations as well.

The large adjustment range and preprogrammed settings help make the AnthroDesk Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk the best option for electric adjustment in Canada. Moving the desk is simple and quiet, and finding the perfect height for you is easy.

Risers come in all sizes, but the Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter is the best option for smaller desks. At just 16” deep, this riser works on even the smallest desks, allowing for minimalist setups to get a lift as well.

The Flexispot Electric Standing Desk is a great option for those seeking a spacious workspace. This desk features a whole-space desktop with an electric adjustable height system. It is built with an industrial-grade steel frame that keeps your workspace stable. This desk easily converts from sitting to standing with the push of a button.

The Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk is an affordable option made with a segmented frame that is reinforced for stability and durability. This desk offers quality and ease of use thanks to the way it quickly converts from sitting to standing courtesy of the electric motor. The desk has an adjustable height that can be saved on the memory pad.

Best Overall

Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk with Table Top

Motion Series Standing Desk
Motion Series Standing Desk with Computer
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It's Great For:

The Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk with Table Top is the best standing desk in Canada in 2023. This option features a larger height range, meaning it easily accommodates users of all heights between 5 feet tall and 7 feet tall. This desk can be used as you sit for work, and it easily converts to a standing desk with the press of a button. Dual motors make the lift smooth. While you might want to move any drinks off the tabletop before you press the button, you’ll be surprised by how little shaking or disruption this desk creates.

Compared to other standing desk options, this desk is extremely quiet. At just 40dB, this desk won’t disturb your coworkers or family when it’s time to adjust. If you plan on sharing the desk, you’ll be pleased to know that there are four available programming options. Once you find your perfect standing height, you only have to press the button to lift the desk to that perfect position again.

The steel frame is reinforced and able to hold up to 105kg (or 230lbs). This is enough to hold all of your computer equipment. Note that while the weight limit doesn’t change, you can choose between three different tabletop sizes when you order. There is a standard top, a medium top, and a large top option, depending on how much space you need. Regardless of size, all three tops come in either a white marble finish or a black oak finish. The tops are made of high-quality MDF wood. The frame also comes in white or black, so you can customize the look of your desk.

Key Features

  • Low Noise Output. This standing desk has a 40 dB noise output, which is much quieter than many other options. It can fit in even in workspaces that require quiet. 
  • 4 Programming Options. The Motion Grey Motion Series standing desk can be a great option for shared workspaces thanks to the height programming options that will save your preferences.
  • Great Height Range. This desk can adapt to user heights between 5 ft and 7 ft, which allows for a more custom standing experience. 
  • Dual Motors. These motors quickly and easily turn the desk from a sitting to a standing option without extra effort on your side. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk with Table Top features a smooth design and adapts to a wide range of heights.”

Video Demonstrating the Motion Grey Motion Series Standing Desk

Best Memory Settings

SHW 55-inch Large Adjustable Standing Desk​

SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 140 x 71 cm, Walnut
SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 140 x 71 cm, Walnut

It's Great For:

While most electric standing desks have two memory settings, the SHW 55-inch Large Adjustable Standing Desk offers four separate preset options. If you share a desk with someone at work or want more options, this is the perfect desk for you. With a huge adjustment range, it’s suitable for most Canadians between 5’3” and 7’0” in height.

This complete desk comes in three different colour options, which include a different colour frame and laminated wood top. The tabletop can hold up to 110lbs (50kg), so it works for nearly every set-up. This desk also offers great cable management solutions, as it includes both grommet holes and an under-table basket to keep your cords from dangling under the desk. This keeps them all together, so moving the desk up and down won’t unplug any of your devices.

Overall, this is a perfect complete desk for multi-monitor setups, and it offers more memory settings than any of the other options we found. It’s great for the widest range of heights on our list, too!

Key Features

  • 3 Colour Options. This standing desk can be customized when you order it. You have a choice of 3 colours for the frame and the laminated wood top.
  • 4 Memory Settings. The SHW standing desk includes 4 memory settings that make this an ideal choice for Canadians sharing workspaces. You can easily switch from one to the other after customizing your selection.
  • Efficient Cable Management. There are grommet holes and a basket under the table top that can be used to organize cables and keep them out of the way while still within reach.
  • Wide Range. This option can cater to Canadians between 5’3” and 7’0”, making it easy to get the best out of standing at the desk without sacrificing good posture. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This standing desk offers ample memory settings and great height range. The cable management options add to its appeal.”

Best Electric Adjustment

AnthroDesk Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk

AnthroDesk Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk
AnthroDesk Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk Setup
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It's Great For:

The AnthroDesk Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk uses full electric sit-to-stand adjustment to help keep you comfortable and productive. Whether you use your desk at home or at the office, you’ll be able to find the height that works perfectly for you. There are 4 programmable height options, so you can switch between multiple different settings depending on your activity. This is also a good option for those who share a desk or computer, as it allows each user to keep multiple settings they prefer.

The full adjustment range of this desk is between 69cm and 117cm (27” – 46”). This means you can convert it from a sitting desk to a standing desk easily. The motor is powerful and quiet, so you won’t disturb anyone else in your office when you move the desk. The frame supports up to 100kg (220 lbs), but this includes any weight from the top of the desk.

While most desks have a single table top that you can’t switch out, the AnthroDesk Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk features multiple options for your tabletop. When you order your desk, you can choose the size, materials, and finish for your adjustable desk. Options include beech, elm, walnut and oak veneers, and two types of laminate in multiple sizes. You can also order the desk without a tabletop if you want to purchase another option.

With so many customization options (including the colour of the frame, which comes in black, grey, and white), this desk is well-suited to most Canadians.

Key Features

  • Multiple Table Top Options. The AnthroDesk standing desk offers multiple tabletop customization options when you order. This includes materials, size, and finish.
  • Programmable Height Options. This standing desk includes 4 programmable height options that you can use to adjust it to your liking and then easily switch between them as needed.
  • Wide Adjustment Range. The desk can be adjusted from 69 cm to 117 cm so it can easily switch between a sitting and a standing desk. 
  • Choice of Frame Colour. When you order this AnthroDesk option, you can choose between 3 colours for your frame so that it suits your preferences.

Our Expert’s Take

“This is a great standing desk with numerous customization options and a wide adjustment range.”

Video Demonstrating the AnthroDesk Standing Desk

Best for Small Spaces

Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter​

It's Great For:

The first converter on our list is the Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter, which sits on top of the desk you already own. This option extends up to 32 inches above the height of your desk, making it suitable for most users up to 6’ when used with a standard desk. There are four different colour options, as well as an increased height option for taller Canadians (this option increases the rise to 42”).

Though this converter uses manual adjustment, it works with the help of a pneumatic tube to make it smooth and easy to adjust. Because of the way it lifts, there are an unlimited number of heights you can choose. If you want a riser that will be perfect for your exact height, this is a great option.

Compared to other risers we looked at in Canada, this one works best for smaller spaces. The riser is only about 16” deep, so most standard desks won’t have a problem. Even smaller-than-average desks will be fine using this riser, which is what really made this an appealing option. It holds up to 33lbs (15kg) and includes a keyboard drawer for more ergonomic typing.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Adjustment. This desk converter has a pneumatic lift that makes it easy to adjust height specifics at any point. 
  • 4 Colour Options. For extra customization, you can choose between 4 colours when you order the desk converter. This can make it feel more personalized according to your style and preferences.
  • Practical Conversion. The Vivo desk converter can be attached to many types of desks and add up to 106 cm of height, easily turning a sitting option into a standing one.
  • Great for Small Spaces. This desk converter takes up little space and can be used on compact desks. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter can be a practical addition to any Canadian desk, simplifying the task of converting a sitting desk into a standing option.”

Best Workspace

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT EC1 Electric Standing Desk Whole Piece 55 x 28 Inch Desktop Adjustable Height Desk Home Office Computer Workstation Sit Stand up Desk (White Frame + 55
FLEXISPOT EC1 Electric Standing Desk Whole Piece 55 x 28 Inch Desktop Adjustable Height Desk Home Office Computer Workstation Sit Stand up Desk (White Frame + 55

It's Great For:

The Flexispot Electric Standing Desk is an extra-spacious option for Canadians wishing to get the benefits of alternating between a sitting and a standing desk whenever they wish. Thanks to the 2-button controller, it takes mere seconds to convert the desk into whichever option you prefer.

There is an electric lift system that can help you adjust the height of the desk with ease. The motor operates quickly and keeps noise output under 50 dB. If you are looking for a sturdy option, you should consider this standing desk from Flexispot. It is made with an industrial-grade steel frame that gives it stability and balance.

The desk features eco-conscious materials and can be used as an enhanced workspace that could hold 2 monitors and a laptop if you need to expand. This one-piece option is stylishly minimal and can fit with any type of interior design. The rounded corner design is more ergonomic and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy extended sessions at your desk in whichever form you prefer.

This desk from Flexispot offers better sturdiness thanks to using up to 30% thicker materials to ensure that it provides excellent support. The Flexispot team puts the standing desks through over 20,000 lift tests to make sure the reliability of the product is as it should be. While you use it, the desk will hold steady even if under intense use. Installation is straightforward but may require a drill that won’t be part of the package.

Key Features

  • Spacious Workspace. The Flexispot standing desk offers plenty of space to Canadian workers. It can fit several monitors and a laptop, as well as various accessories.
  • Quick Desk Conversion. This option from Flexispot requires only the touch of a button to swiftly change from sitting to standing or vice versa. 
  • Sturdy Build. The industrial-grade steel frame provides extra sturdiness to this standing desk, adding robust balance that will make you feel more confident in the build as you use it.
  • Easy Installation. The desk may be shipped in 2 separate packages, but once they both arrive the installation instructions are straightforward to follow.

Our Expert’s Take

“This standing desk is a sturdy option that provides plenty of space. The quick conversion it offers adds to its practicality.”

Best Budget-Friendly

Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk

Motion Ergo2 Series
Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk

It's Great For:

The Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. This standing desk includes a 2-part laminated table top and a reinforced segment frame for enhanced stability. The table top comes in 2 sizes and is made from waterproof high-quality MDF wood that feels smooth and comfortable to the touch.

This desk uses a single electric motor to seamlessly convert from sitting to standing. It offers an extended height range from 71 cm to 116 cm that can be easily adjusted with the motor. This operation is quick and quiet, as the motor noise level output is usually at or under 45 dB. Canadians can use this desk in busy office environments without worrying about making too much noise.

The laminated table top fits in well with the surrounding minimalist design. For extra organization, this Motion Ergo2 desk comes with cable clips and a headphone hook. The lack of clutter in your workspace can have a great impact on your concentration. At the bottom of the desk, there are anti-scratch rubber feet that prevent the desk from sliding and also keep your floors safe from potential damage.

The height range covers Canadians from 5’ to 7’. This allows you to sit or stand at the desk without compromising on correct posture. You have 2 settings available on the memory pad that you can save so you can easily switch between them. The frame includes 3 segments so that it can provide a great custom height experience while you work or relax at the desk.

Key Features

  • Practical Height Range. Canadians from 5’ to 7’ can comfortably use this standing desk. 
  • Customizable Memory Settings. The 2 memory settings allow you to save your preferred height adjustments so you can switch between them at any time. 
  • Quick Conversion. The desk can quickly change from sitting to standing thanks to the powerful electric motor.
  • Quiet Operation. The process of using the desk with the motor is quiet, as the noise output usually only reaches 45 dB. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This robust and stylish standing desk offers great organization and a wide height range.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve reviewed a variety of home products. When we approached standing desks in Canada, we jumped in with both feet. We thoroughly evaluated every desk on our recommended list (and many more that didn’t make the cut). Our team of amazing experts went the extra mile to research and analyze these desks. Due to this information, we were able to arrive at the list of recommendations you see above. Here are some of the different performance categories we evaluated.

  • Type. What type of desk is it? There are a few different types of standing desks, including converters and full desks. We evaluated how effective each desk was based on the type of desk it is. We tried to offer a wide variety of effective desks of each type.
  • Lift Type. While you can adjust some standing desks manually, there are also a variety of electric lift types on the market. We looked at each type of lift and worked to find the best each type.
  • Weight Limits. Some setups are naturally heavier, especially setups with multiple monitors and other essential accessories. We tried to find options that work for all types of setups, including setups that include laptops as well as those with two or three monitors.
  • Programmable Heights. Some electric desks allow you to program different height settings and remember them, allowing you to change the height with the press of a single button. We went for desks that offered standard height options, but we considered options with more memory settings (and some that have none at all)
Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

There are many different benefits to using a standing desk, particularly if you often work for long hours in your office or at home. Do you often find yourself with aches after a long day of sitting at your desk? A standing desk can fix that! Here are just some of the benefits that you might experience when you use an ergonomic standing desk.

  • Productivity boost. Workers that often switch between standing and sitting positions are a lot more productive than those who sit all of the time.
  • Reduced caffeine. Do you often find yourself going for lots of coffee and other caffeinated beverages during the day? Standing desks may be able to reduce your caffeine intake. The standing position helps wake you up, so you may feel like you need less coffee.
  • Improved focus. The movement associated with standing and sitting may help improve your focus. This makes you a better employee, but it can also help in other aspects of your life.
  • Increased energy. Standing can help improve your circulation, bring more oxygen to all parts of your body, and more. When your blood is circulating better, it’s easier to be awake and alert. You might have more energy as a result!
  • Less stress. Sitting for more than six hours a day can improve stress levels, so a standing desk is a perfect solution to those workday blues.
  • Better sleep. Standing helps expend more energy, and the act of sitting or standing can help. When you use more energy during the day, you might find that you sleep better – which can, in turn, make you more awake, alert, productive, and energized the next day.

A standing desk can help improve your quality of life, especially for those who are in the office for 8 or more hours a day most of the week. Though these results are not unanimous, these are just some of the things that can change your workday if you decide to start using a standing desk.

Standing Desk Posture

To get all of the benefits associated with a standing desk, you first have to know the right posture for standing at your desk. First, you’ll want to make sure that you have some sort of mat below your feet. Wear supportive shoes (and not heels, if you have a choice!). When you adjust the desk, the monitor should be a good distance from your face. It should be tall enough to be at eye level, which can be accomplished with a monitor arm if required.

As for your keyboard, it’s always best to make sure that it sits at elbow level. Your arms should extend naturally from your elbows, making it more comfortable to stand and type. Your spine should be curved, too – avoid standing too straight or locking your knees.

When you use the right standing posture, you can help reduce stress on your body, particularly if you aren’t used to it.

How to Choose a Standing Desk for Canadians

How to Choose a Standing Desk for Canadians

Choosing the right standing desk is essential for your comfort and productivity. Now that you know you want one, you should keep these features in mind when it’s time to go shopping for the best standing desks in Canada.

Type of Standing Desk

There are a couple of different types of standing desks. Choose the one that works best for your setup.

  • Complete desks. Complete desks are one of the most common types of standing desks. This type of desk includes all of the components you need for a complete desk, including the frame, tabletop, and other accessories. Complete desks are usually sit-stand desks, but there are other types of sit-stand desks as well. These options are usually more expensive, but most are large enough to hold multiple-monitor setups.
  • Sit-stand desks. A sit-stand desk easily transitions between a sitting position and a standing one. Most standing desks fit this description, but some options don’t adjust to a sitting position. Some risers don’t work for sitting users, either. A sit-stand desk, regardless of the type, works in both positions and easily moves between them.
  • Risers/Converters. A riser or converter sits on the tabletop that you already have. These converters are less expensive, and they take your current desk to the next level – literally. Risers may not work for sitting positions, especially those that already start with a lift. However, they can be more convenient if you don’t want to completely change your desk. Most risers use manual adjustment but have a wide range of adjustment heights as a result.

Consider how many monitors you use and how much you work at the keyboard. These factors can determine the type of standing desk you’ll need. Look for one that will be comfortable for you, has many adjustment levels, and may even work with your desk chair. If you often need to work while sitting, consider a converter or a sit-stand desk. Keep your standard desk habits in mind while searching for a standing desk.

Lift Type

The type of lift that a desk uses determines how easy it is to move, but it can also weigh heavily on your decision. Here are your options.

  • Manual or Manual Pneumatic. Manual adjustment uses pneumatic tubes to help you raise and lower the height of the desk. Usually, it’s only risers that offer manual adjustment. You can easily move the riser to a variety of different positions (usually unlimited), making it best for Canadians with unique needs and with no problem putting in a little work. Manual adjustment styles are the least expensive, too.
  • Crank. Crank adjustment isn’t as common as pneumatic manual options, but it’s more commonly found in complete desks rather than risers. The crank slowly moves the tabletop up to your desired height, but you have to turn the handle to get the desk to move. The crank adjustment offers a wider variety of adjustment heights.
  • Electric. Electric adjustment uses a motor (sometimes two) to move the top of the desk up and down as you need it. The control panel controls the height you can choose, and most offer memory options to store your preferred heights easily. With a press of a button, your desk will automatically adjust to the memory setting you to choose.

Weight Limit

Your adjustable desk’s weight limit is important to consider. Everything you put on the top of the desk will count against this weight limit. Each monitor that you use with your computer adds weight to your desktop.

A higher weight limit is better, especially if you use multiple monitors, have heavy speakers, or need more flexibility. You shouldn’t stack your standing desk to its weight limit, though. When you lean on the desk (or even as you type normally), you are adding weight to the surface. If you put too much on your standing desk (regardless of the type), you may damage the mechanisms or other parts of the desk.


What is the desk made of? The materials can tell you a lot about how sturdy the desk is and how it will hold up. You’ll always want to find desks with a sturdy steel frame, though heavier metals are best if you can find them.

For tabletops, you’ll usually find either plastic (for some risers), laminated wood, real wood, or veneers. Though you can choose the option that you like best, it’s important to note that laminated wood and veneers are water-resistant. If you often have drinks at your desk, you might want to choose these options. Real wood tops are more expensive, but they are also heavier. Having a real wood top can decrease the amount of weight you can add to the top of the desk yourself.

As always, look into what the desk is made of so you can make an informed decision about which option works best.


How tall is the desk? How tall can it adjust to? While the height of the desk is less important when it comes to complete desks, it’s still good to know where you’re starting. Most desks list the minimum and maximum adjustable height, so make sure to check it out to ensure that you can get the most out of your desk.

Some desks also include information about users’ ideal heights, which can be important. If you are shorter than 5’4” or taller than 6’, always make sure to check the ideal height and adjustable heights. It’s important to choose one that is suited for your height, especially if you fall outside of these parameters.

Desk Size

The size of the desk itself is also important. Standard adjustable desks are usually about 55” wide, but others vary. Consider the space you need for your setup. If you only need room for your laptop or a single monitor and keyboard, a smaller size can be better. However, larger sizes are usually available for more involved setups, more than one monitor, or additional room for accessories.

Also, consider the type of adjustable desk. Complete desks should be large enough for everything you need. Risers don’t have to be large at all – just large enough to hold your monitor and keyboard.

Standing Desk Special Features

Before making your final decision, you should consider the special features of your standing desk. There are a few features you should keep an eye on, depending on how you choose to use your desk. You might want a quiet desk that adjusts quickly, or else a few memory presets to quickly transition between standing positions. The following features can improve your quality of life with your standing desk.

Memory Presets

Electric desks often have memory presets. These options allow you to assign your preferred heights so you can easily move the desk back into the perfect position. Most desks with memory functions have 2 different options to set (one for sitting and one for standing). Some desks can have up to four memory presets.

Monitor Arm

Worried about your monitors being too close to your face, or not being at the right height if your keyboard is in its proper position? That’s where a monitor arm comes in. Some standing desks come with a built-in monitor arm that allows you to hang a single monitor. Move it where you need it, find the right height for your monitor, and become more comfortable while working.

Wire Management

The best adjustable desks in Canada offer grommets and other methods for controlling your wires. Other options include wire management boxes, shelves, or baskets attached to the underside of your desk. If your setup has a lot of pesky cables, consider choosing a desk with proper cable management options.

Adjustment Speed and Noise Level

Adjusting your desk can seem like it might be disruptive to your office environment. Consider the adjustment speed available with your desk, as well as how loud the motor is (if it adjusts via electricity). A faster speed with a lower noise level is always better, so look for options that seem manageable wherever you’re using your standing desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standing desks are becoming more popular in Canada mostly thanks to the benefits they have for posture. Alternating between sitting and standing can help with back pain, and can help freshen the work space by changing it.

To get the best posture while standing at your desk, you should adjust it so that you can reach the keyboard with relaxed shoulders and arms at your sides. Keep your wrists straight and your monitor at eye level to prevent strain.

This can differ depending on your lifestyle, preferences and needs, but the general advice is to stand at least 2 hours out of an 8-hour shift. Try out what feels best to you when you are alternating between sitting and standing.