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Standing desks are more than just a fad – they’re here to stay! A standing desk can help boost circulation, improve focus, and boost productivity during your long work days. With the right shoes, a comfortable mat, and the perfect height, a standing desk can change the way you work for the better.

If you aren’t sure which standing desk might be right for you, check out our list of recommendations. We spent weeks testing different standing desks, including the simplest desktop options to complete packages. Our team of detail-oriented testers teamed up with our test lab to provide brilliant, insightful feedback. Only the best standing desks in Canada made it onto our list. We evaluated each option based on the type of lift mechanism it offered, weight limits, and overall ergonomics.

Why Did We Choose These Standing Desks in Canada?

Each of the desks that made it onto our list of recommendations is here for a reason. As we evaluated every aspect of each desk available in Canada, they began to stand out to us in very specific ways. Here’s why each desk made it onto our list.

The AnthroDesk Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk is the best overall in Canada for a few reasons. It’s a great standard option that offers most of the things you need (with the addition of a few special features). For an electric standing desk, this is a great option.

The MotionGrey Electric Adjustable Standing Desk, on the other hand, is the desk with the best electric adjustment on our list. It covers one of the largest range of applicable heights on our list, which fits users between 5’4” and 7’0”.

When it comes to memory settings, the more the merrier! The SHW 55-inch Large Adjustable Standing Desk offers 4 different memory settings, so you can have different settings for different users and situations as well.

Risers come in all sizes, but the Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter is the best option for smaller desks. At just 16” deep, this riser works on even the smallest desks, allowing for minimalist setups to get a lift as well.

SHW’s Desk Converter is the best riser we found. This riser uses dual pneumatic cylinders for smoother adjustment, an X-shaped brace for durability, and the flexibility of choosing any height between 4” and 16”.

The AnthroDesk Manual Crank Desk with Tabletop Options is the best desk we found with crank adjustment. The crank adjustment is easier to use than a standard manual adjustment. This crank is smooth and quick, allowing you to stand easily.

Finally, the Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor Adjustable Desk offers the best range of accessories on our list. This desk includes a sliding drawer, a headphone hook, a monitor riser, and two USB ports to help charge your devices.

Best Overall

AnthroDesk Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

AnthroDesk Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk​


It's Great For:

AnthroDesk’s Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk adjusts quickly and quietly, allowing you to easily change between sitting and standing configurations. The frame is adjustable in nearly all ways. You can make it wider to accommodate your own tabletop, or you can choose one of the options that AnthroDesk offers. These options include laminates, veneers, and solid wood options. There’s an option for every user!

This lift system uses a motor in each leg, which helps smoothly adjust the height without starting or jumping. The frame can lift and lower over 300lbs, making it one of the sturdiest options on our list. There are two different presets you can program to your preferred height, as well as a home button that moves the desk back into a sitting position.

We love that this desk is customizable, from the tabletop materials (including a reversible laminate to change your aesthetic on the fly) to the width of the desk itself. It is one of the best adjustable desks in the Canadian market because it is so universal. You can change it up however you want, and this standing desk will still support you!

The Highlights

The AnthroDesk Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk can be adjusted in just about any way to help you find the perfect position for your productivity. The frame has an adjustable width, so you can use it with many different types of tabletops. There are multiple tabletop options available from AnthroDesk that can ship with the desk, including veneers, wood, or laminated surfaces. The dual-motor adjustment gives each leg its powerful motor, so the adjustment is smooth. You can easily use this as a sit-stand desk, with 2 custom programmable heights and a sitting position (the home button).

  • Adjustable frame width to fit many types of tops
  • Multiple top options to fit your needs and preferences
  • Dual-motor adjustment is powerful and smooth
  • Converts easily from sitting to standing with 2 programmable heights, plus a sitting position

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved customizing this standing desk! There really is an option for most Canadians, and that makes it one of the best we tested.”

Best Electric Adjustment

MotionGrey Electric Adjustable Standing Desk​

MotionGrey - Electric Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Ergonomic Stand Up Desk, Adjustable Computer Sit Stand Desk Stand - Black Frame Single Motor with Laminated Wood Pattern Table Top - (TABLETOP INCLUDED)


It's Great For:

Are you on the taller side? Don’t worry, the MotionGrey Electric Adjustable Standing Desk will work for you. Most users up to 7’ tall can use this desk effectively, with a seemingly endless number of adjustment heights and two adjustable programs to set your preferred options. Simply press the memory buttons to return to your previously-saved settings, allowing you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions without much fuss.

The desk can handle about 176lbs (80kg), which is enough for most setups (multi-monitor options included). It adjusts quickly and quietly, ensuring that you aren’t disturbing your coworkers as you get situated. It’s also one of the best options on the market in Canada for cable management. There are two grommet holes to feed your cables through, giving you more options for keeping your desk clear and clean.

In addition, you’ll find that this desk has a handy cup holder, headphone hook, and various cable clips to help you keep wires under control. It’s extremely sturdy and adjusts to a wider variety of heights than most of the other options we looked at.

The Highlights

The MotionGrey Electric Adjustable Standing Desk has a cable management area at each end of the desk, which is helpful for messier setups with lots of cables and cords. There are two preset heights programmed into the desk, with a digital display for your desk height. The desk includes a cupholder and a headphone hook, so you can easily access everything you need at your desk. Though this desk has a single motor for adjustment, it adjusts quickly and quietly so you don’t have to disturb the rest of the office.

  • Two cable management areas for messier setups
  • Two predefined heights and height display panel
  • Includes cupholder and headphone hook
  • Quick, quiet adjustment

From the Test Lab

“Our tallest testers loved this desk. The extra height was much more comfortable to them, so we can’t help but recommend it.”

Best Memory Settings

SHW 55-inch Large Adjustable Standing Desk​

SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 140 x 71 cm, Black


It's Great For:

While most electric standing desks have two memory settings, the SHW 55-inch Large Adjustable Standing Desk offers four separate preset options. If you share a desk with someone at work or want more options, this is the perfect desk for you. With a huge adjustment range, it’s suitable for most Canadians between 5’3” and 7’0” in height.

This complete desk comes in three different colour options, which include a different colour frame and laminated wood top. The tabletop can hold up to 110lbs (50kg), so it works for nearly every set-up. This desk also offers great cable management solutions, as it includes both grommet holes and an under-table basket to keep your cords from dangling under the desk. This keeps them all together, so moving the desk up and down won’t unplug any of your devices.

Overall, this is a perfect complete desk for multi-monitor setups, and it offers more memory settings than any of the other options we found. It’s great for the widest range of heights on our list, too!

The Highlights

The desk includes a cable management grommet and a basket for the underside of the desk. Here, you can store all of your cables without them hanging down under your desk. There are four different memory settings, which allow you to set different heights for your needs. The 110lb weight limit allows for heavier setups with multiple monitors and other accessories. There are three different colour and tabletop options available, so you can choose the one that works best for your décor.

  • Cable management grommet and under-table basket
  • Four memory settings for different heights
  • Holds heavier setups with multiple monitors
  • Three colour and tabletop options

From the Test Lab

“This desk offers some great table management! We loved the accessories, and the four memory presets were great for multiple users.”

Best for Small Spaces

Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter​


It's Great For:

The first converter on our list is the Vivo 32-inch Desk Converter, which sits on top of the desk you already own. This option extends up to 32 inches above the height of your desk, making it suitable for most users up to 6’ when used with a standard desk. There are four different colour options, as well as an increased height option for taller Canadians (this option increases the rise to 42”).

Though this converter uses manual adjustment, it works with the help of a pneumatic tube to make it smooth and easy to adjust. Because of the way it lifts, there are an unlimited number of heights you can choose. If you want a riser that will be perfect for your exact height, this is a great option.

Compared to other risers we looked at in Canada, this one works best for smaller spaces. The riser is only about 16” deep, so most standard desks won’t have a problem. Even smaller-than-average desks will be fine using this riser, which is what really made this an appealing option. It holds up to 33lbs (15kg) and includes a keyboard drawer for more ergonomic typing.

The Highlights

The Vivo 32-inch desk converter offers manual conversion, but it’s aided by a pneumatic lift assist. This tube makes it easy to move the desk up and down through unlimited adjustment points. No matter how tall you are (up to 6 feet with a standard desk), you can find a height that works for you. The top of the riser holds up to 33lbs, while the keyboard drawer can hold up to 4lbs. This small lift can even fit on more compact desks, as it’s only about 16” wide.

  • Manual adjustment aided by pneumatic lift assist
  • Unlimited adjustment points for all heights
  • Holds up to 33lbs (15kg) on top, with 4lbs (1.8kg) on the keyboard drawer
  • Fits on compact desks

From the Test Lab

“Testers that prefer minimalist office spaces loved this riser! It offered a huge variety in height, and the different options made it accessible for most users.”

Best Riser

SHW Standing Desk Converter​

SHW Standing Desk Converter 36-Inch Pneumatic Height Adjustable with Monitor Riser, Black


It's Great For:

Desk converters can be just as robust as complete standing desks. The SHW Standing Desk Converter proves that you can get some great functionality out of a riser. This riser comes with a separate monitor riser, a sliding organization basket, and up to 36 inches of sturdy adjustment. Manual adjustment is assisted with dual pneumatic cylinders, so you can quickly and easily convert your existing desk to a standing one.

This riser starts at 4” above the top of the desk, and easily converts to about 16” in height. It’s one of the sturdiest risers we found. The pneumatic tubes help it support an increased weight – up to 60lbs (27kg), perfect for dual-monitor setups. The monitor riser can be placed on top of the main top, adding functionality and a more comfortable position overall.

This manual adjustment system isn’t difficult. Plus, you can set it to just about any height between 4” and 16”, making it ideal for a wide range of Canadians. The X-shaped design helps with smooth movement and stability, which is perfect for those who need a heavier option for their desktop.

The Highlights

The double pneumatic cylinders in this riser help to make the manual adjustment a little smoother than with other manual adjustment risers. It includes a separate monitor riser as well as an organizer drawer that slides in under the top to help you hold important papers and accessories. The riser adjusts to between 4” and 16” above the tabletop, so you can choose the option that works best for you. The X-shaped design for the support beams helps to improve stability.

  • Dual pneumatic cylinders help make manual adjustment smoother
  • Monitor riser and sliding organizer drawer
  • Adjusts between 4” and 16” above the tabletop
  • X-shaped design offers better stability

From the Test Lab

“This riser was amazing in most respects. Our testers loved the additional features, especially the smooth adjustment and additional risers.”

Best Crank Adjustment

AnthroDesk Manual Crank Desk with Tabletop Options​

AnthroDesk Manual Crank Desk with Tabletop Options​


It's Great For:

A crank adjustment desk might be the best option if you aren’t quite ready to use an electric standing desk. That’s where the AnthroDesk Manual Crank Desk with Tabletop Options comes in. This desk moves smoothly via the simple hand crank system, so you can move the desk without relying on other manual options. It takes very little effort in comparison!

This frame can handle a maximum of 200lbs (100kg), so it’s ready for anything. That includes the tabletop of your choice! There are a variety of options available through AnthroDesk, including solid woods, veneers, and laminated options. If you already have a tabletop you enjoy, you can also use your own!

This desk isn’t just for standing, either. The design lacks a crossbeam, making it ideal for wheelchair users who might need a shorter desk than average. This engineering allows this desk to reach a variety of different people who need it!

The Highlights

The AnthroDesk Manual Crank Desk doesn’t use a crossbar in its design, so it’s better to use with wheelchairs. The desk offers extremely adjustable heights, so you can lower the desk for more comfortable use or raise it to stand. The desk frame can hold up to 200lbs (or 100kg), so it’s better for heavier setups with multiple monitors. When it comes to the top, you can choose a variety of different veneers or reclaimed wood tops, or you can use your own with this frame.

  • No crossbar allows for use with wheelchairs
  • Extremely adjustable to a variety of different heights
  • Supports heavier setups with multiple monitors, up to 200lbs
  • Available with different top options, including your own

From the Test Lab

“The crank is actually an intuitive way to adjust this desk. We had many testers use it with their existing tabletop, and it worked really well for them!”

Best Accessories

Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor Adjustable Desk​

Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor Adjustable Height Desk with Keyboard Tray 47


It's Great For:

Sometimes, the accessory options can be what sets a standing desk apart. When transitioning between sitting and standing, you want to have access to as much of your desk as possible. This electric standing desk offers all the functionality you need. Though this version of the desk is only about 47” wide, there is a 55” version with the same features and accessories!

This desk includes a second tier for your monitors, which can hold up to two screens at a healthier eye level. There’s also a hook for your headphones and an additional hook to hang other items you might need. Under the top of the desk is a sliding drawer, and the adjustment console features two USB ports to help you charge your devices as you work. It also features a tray for your cables, so they aren’t hanging down under the desk.

Aside from all of the unique accessories it offers, this desk adjusts quickly and quietly. The dual motors work to adjust at a rate of 27 mm/s, with a motor sound of <50 dB. You’re unlikely to disturb the rest of your office as you adjust your desk. Two memory settings and a weight limit of 176lbs (80kg) make this standing desk one of the best in Canada.

The Highlights

Rolanstar’s Standing Desk is great at holding heavier setups, which include multiple monitors on a riser system. The separate monitor rise holds additional screens for more intensive setups. This desk adjusts quickly and quietly, so you don’t have to disturb the rest of your office (or the other members of your household). Additional accessories include a cable management tray, sliding drawer, and headphone hook to help you store everything you need. The desk also includes 2 USB charging ports, so you can charge your devices while you work.

  • Holds heavier setups, including multiple monitors on a riser system
  • Quick adjustment (27 mm/s) with quiet operation (<50db)
  • Cable management tray and sliding drawer
  • Includes 2 USB charging ports for your devices

From the Test Lab

“We loved everything included with this desk. It felt like they really thought of everything we might need on hand!”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve tested and reviewed a variety of home products. When we approached standing desks in Canada, we jumped in with both feet. We thoroughly evaluated every desk on our recommended list (and many more that didn’t make the cut). Our team of amazing testers went the extra mile to use these desks for weeks and sent us a lot of detail-oriented feedback. Between that feedback and comprehensive lab testing, we were able to arrive at the list of recommendations you see above. Here are some of the different performance categories we evaluated.

  • Type. What type of desk is it? There are a few different types of standing desks, including converters and full desks. We evaluated how effective each desk was based on the type of desk it is. We tried to offer a wide variety of effective desks of each type.
  • Lift Type. While you can adjust some standing desks manually, there are also a variety of electric lift types on the market. We looked at each type of lift and worked to find the best each type.
  • Weight Limits. Some setups are naturally heavier, especially setups with multiple monitors and other essential accessories. We tried to find options that work for all types of setups, including setups that include laptops as well as those with two or three monitors.
  • Programmable Heights. Some electric desks allow you to program different height settings and remember them, allowing you to change the height with the press of a single button. We went for desks that offered standard height options, but we considered options with more memory settings (and some that have none at all).

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

There are many different benefits to using a standing desk, particularly if you often work for long hours in your office or at home. Do you often find yourself with aches after a long day of sitting at your desk? A standing desk can fix that! Here are just some of the benefits that you might experience when you use an ergonomic standing desk.

  • Productivity boost. Workers that often switch between standing and sitting positions are a lot more productive than those who sit all of the time.
  • Reduced caffeine. Do you often find yourself going for lots of coffee and other caffeinated beverages during the day? Standing desks may be able to reduce your caffeine intake. The standing position helps wake you up, so you may feel like you need less coffee.
  • Improved focus. The movement associated with standing and sitting may help improve your focus. This makes you a better employee, but it can also help in other aspects of your life.
  • Increased energy. Standing can help improve your circulation, bring more oxygen to all parts of your body, and more. When your blood is circulating better, it’s easier to be awake and alert. You might have more energy as a result!
  • Less stress. Sitting for more than six hours a day can improve stress levels, so a standing desk is a perfect solution to those workday blues.
  • Better sleep. Standing helps expend more energy, and the act of sitting or standing can help. When you use more energy during the day, you might find that you sleep better – which can, in turn, make you more awake, alert, productive, and energized the next day.

A standing desk can help improve your quality of life, especially for those who are in the office for 8 or more hours a day most of the week. Though these results are not unanimous, these are just some of the things that can change your workday if you decide to start using a standing desk.

Standing Desk Posture

To get all of the benefits associated with a standing desk, you first have to know the right posture for standing at your desk. First, you’ll want to make sure that you have some sort of mat below your feet. Wear supportive shoes (and not heels, if you have a choice!). When you adjust the desk, the monitor should be a good distance from your face. It should be tall enough to be at eye level, which can be accomplished with a monitor arm if required.

As for your keyboard, it’s always best to make sure that it sits at elbow level. Your arms should extend naturally from your elbows, making it more comfortable to stand and type. Your spine should be curved, too – avoid standing too straight or locking your knees.

When you use the right standing posture, you can help reduce stress on your body, particularly if you aren’t used to it.

Choosing a Standing Desk: Basics

Before you can choose the right standing desk for your home or office, you should understand a few of the basic options available to you.

Type of Standing Desk

There are a couple of different types of standing desks. Choose the one that works best for your setup.

  • Complete desks. Complete desks are one of the most common types of standing desks. This type of desk includes all of the components you need for a complete desk, including the frame, tabletop, and other accessories. Complete desks are usually sit-stand desks, but there are other types of sit-stand desks as well. These options are usually more expensive, but most are large enough to hold multiple-monitor setups.
  • Sit-stand desks. A sit-stand desk easily transitions between a sitting position and a standing one. Most standing desks fit this description, but some options don’t adjust to a sitting position. In fact, some risers don’t work for sitting users, either. A sit-stand desk, regardless of the type, works in both positions and easily moves between them.
  • Risers/Converters. A riser or converter sits on the tabletop that you already have. These converters are less expensive, and they take your current desk to the next level – literally. Risers may not work for sitting positions, especially those that already start with a lift. However, they can be more convenient if you don’t want to completely change your desk. Most risers use manual adjustment but have a wide range of adjustment heights as a result.

Lift Type

The type of lift that a desk uses determines how easy it is to move, but it can also weigh heavily on your decision. Here are your options.

  • Manual or Manual Pneumatic. Manual adjustment uses pneumatic tubes to help you raise and lower the height of the desk. Usually, it’s only risers that offer manual adjustment. You can easily move the riser to a variety of different positions (usually unlimited), making it best for Canadians with unique needs and with no problem putting in a little work. Manual adjustment styles are the least expensive, too.
  • Crank. Crank adjustment isn’t as common as pneumatic manual options, but it’s more commonly found in complete desks rather than risers. The crank slowly moves the tabletop up to your desired height, but you have to turn the handle to get the desk to move. The crank adjustment offers a wider variety of adjustment heights.
  • Electric. Electric adjustment uses a motor (sometimes two) to move the top of the desk up and down as you need it. The control panel controls the height you can choose, and most offer memory options to store your preferred heights easily. With a press of the button, your desk will automatically adjust to the memory setting you choose.

Weight Limit

Your adjustable desk’s weight limit is important to consider. Everything you put on the top of the desk will count against this weight limit. Each monitor that you use with your computer adds weight to your desktop.

A higher weight limit is obviously better, especially if you use multiple monitors, have heavy speakers, or need more flexibility.


What is the desk made of? The materials can tell you a lot about how sturdy the desk is and how it will hold up. You’ll always want to find desks with a sturdy steel frame, though heavier metals are best if you can find them.

For tabletops, you’ll usually find either plastic (for some risers), laminated wood, real wood, or veneers. Though you can choose the option that you like best, it’s important to note that laminated wood and veneers are water-resistant. If you often have drinks at your desk, you might want to choose these options. Real wood tops are more expensive, but they are also heavier. Having a real wood top can decrease the amount of weight you can add to the top of the desk yourself.

As always, look into what the desk is made of so you can make an informed decision about which option works best.


How tall is the desk? How tall can it adjust to? While the height of the desk is less important when it comes to complete desks, it’s still good to know where you’re starting. Most desks list the minimum and maximum adjustable height, so make sure to check it out to ensure that you can get the most out of your desk.

Some desks also include information about users’ ideal heights, which can be important. If you are shorter than 5’4” or taller than 6’, always make sure to check the ideal height and adjustable heights. It’s important to choose one that is suited for your height, especially if you fall outside of these parameters.

Desk Size

The size of the desk itself is also important. Standard adjustable desks are usually about 55” wide, but others vary. Consider the space you need for your setup. If you only need room for your laptop or a single monitor and keyboard, a smaller size can be better. However, larger sizes are usually available for more involved setups, more than one monitor, or additional room for accessories.

Also, consider the type of adjustable desk. Complete desks should be large enough for everything you need. Risers don’t have to be large at all – just large enough to hold your monitor and keyboard.

Choosing a Standing Desk: Special Features

Before making your final decision, here are a few special features to keep an eye out for.

Memory Presets

Electric desks often have memory presets. These options allow you to assign your preferred heights so you can easily move the desk back into the perfect position. Most desks with memory functions have 2 different options to set (one for sitting and one for standing). Some desks can have up to four memory presets.

Monitor Arm

Worried about your monitors being too close to your face, or not being at the right height if your keyboard is aligned with your elbows? That’s where a monitor arm comes in. Some standing desks come with a built-in monitor arm that allows you to hang a single monitor. Move it where you need it, find the right height for your monitor, and become more comfortable while working.

Wire Management

The best adjustable desks in Canada offer grommets and other methods for controlling your wires. Other options include wire management boxes, shelves, or baskets attached to the underside of your desk. If your setup has a lot of pesky cables, consider choosing a desk with proper cable management options.

Adjustment Speed and Noise Level

Adjusting your desk can seem like it might be disruptive to your office environment. Consider the adjustment speed available with your desk, as well as how loud the motor is (if it adjusts via electricity). A faster speed with a lower noise level is always better, so look for options that seem manageable wherever you’re using your standing desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a standing desk in Canada, most experts recommend standing between 5 to 15 minutes out of every hour. In a standard 8-hour work day, standing for a combined 2 hours is ideal.

Standing desks can improve some issues that arise from long hours of sitting. While it may improve your immediate pain levels and posture issues, standing desks won’t fix more serious problems in the long run.

When using a standing desk, your computer monitor should be at eye level. Your keyboard should be level with your elbows. If you are using a laptop, position the desk so that the keyboard is level with your elbows and tilt the screen back so it’s easier to see.