Beverages: Authentic Seacoast 🍁

Name: Authentic Seacoast

Products: Wide variety of mostly alcoholic beverages (see below)

Manufactured In: Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Authentic Seacoast store in Guysborough, online and from NSLC


Canadian Owned: Yes

Glynn Williams started Authentic Seacoast following a bicycle trip when he fell in love with Guysborough. His first purchase was an old farmhouse followed by other historic buildings in the town that other investors no longer wanted. However, Glynn’s real passion was to make things with his hands, which led him to develop beverage and food brands inspired by the area.

Beverage brands by Authentic Seacoast include Fortress™ Rum, GLYNNEVAN® Whisky, Virga® Vodka, and Sea Fever™ Rum. From June to September, you can visit their tasting room and they have tours almost daily. Outside those months, it is still possible to pre-book a visit. The company also hosts weddings, meetings, and special events. You can find more information here.