Beverages: Lighthouse Lemonade 🍁

Name: Lighthouse Lemonade

Products: Lemonade concentrate

Manufactured In: Fergus, Ontario

Where to Buy: Variety of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Lighthouse Lemonade was started in 2009 by Jill Fisher, a direct descendant of Charles Fisher, a Father of the Canadian Confederation. She had been making lemonade using an old family recipe and after encouragement from family, friends, and colleague started Lighthouse Lemonade.

The lemonade is still made using the simplest of ingredients. It is made in Ontario and sold online and at various stores. It also has a unique claim to fame. In 2011 when William and Kate were on their first official trip to Canada, Lighthouse Lemonade was served by Rideau Hall at the roual reception on Canada Day.