Beverages: Vergers Paul Jodoin 🍁

Name: Vergers Paul Jodoin

Products: Fruit juices

Manufactured In: Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec

Where to buy: Various grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Vergers Paul Jodoin has been in business since 1901 when the company was founded by the family with just 35 acres of land. The company is still family-owned and run by three brothers. The company, based in Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Rouville, Quebec, now has seven apple orchards that cover 600 acres of land.

Vergers Paul Jodoin produces different brands which are Traditions, Bennet’s, San Perrio, and Xavier. While the company may have started with apple juice, it now offers several different flavours including cranberry, carrot, pomegranate, and grape. In addition to bottling their own products, Vergers Paul Jodoin also has the facility to bottle products for other brands.