Breakfast Food: Stoked Oats 🍁

Name: Stoked Oats

Products: Oatmeal Blends

Manufactured in: Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Online and from stores selling natural foods


Canadian owned: Yes

Stoked Oats was established in April 2011 by three athletes who were unable to find the right breakfast to support their active lifestyles and decided to create their own oatmeal blends. The goal was to create a blend that was packed with nutrients, high in protein, and low in sugar.

The oatmeal blends by Stoked Oats include many ingredients considered superfoods, such as flax and chia seeds. All of the oatmeal blends are free from pesticides and preservatives and grown with rain-only water. The oats used in the blends are grown in Saskatchewan while the flax is grown in Alberta. The production facilities are in Calgary.