Breakfast Food: Robin Hood Oats 📈

Name: Robin Hood

Products: Oats

Manufactured in: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to buy: Majority of grocery stores across Canada


Canadian owned: No (Owned by Smucker’s, which is publicly traded on NYSE)

Robin Hood has been in operation since 1909 when it was established in Moose Jaw. Most Canadians are familiar with the green and red archer emblem of Robin Hood’s oats. While Robin Hood Oats is not a Canadian-owned company, the oats are produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at a plant dating back to 1928.

When Robin Hood started producing oats in Moose Jaw, it was the largest city in Saskatchewan. The company employed 50 workers and 12 field salesmen. Today, Robin Hood produces a range of flours in addition to oats and the products are available in most grocery stores in Canada.