Bread and Confections: Canada Bread 📈

Name: Canada Bread

Products: Various bread products and pastries

Headquartered In: Etobicoke, Ontario

Manufactured In: Across Canada

Where to Buy; Grocery stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: No

Canada Bread, now known as Bimbo Canada, is one of the leading bakeries in Canada and is committed to sustainable, productive, and humane values, while producing delicious, high-quality baked goods and snacks for Canadians. It is the largest and oldest bakery in Canada and has been in operation for over 110 years. The company is now owned by the Mexican company Groupo Bimbo.

Over 1,000 food products across 18 brands are produced by Bimbo Canada, including Villaggio®, Stonemill®, Vachon®, and Bon Matin®. The recipes used are inspired by global trends and flavours and the company is constantly evolving and reviewing its products. The company has 16 bakeries, 11 distribution centres, and 183 depots in Canada, employing over 4,300 people.