Canoes/Kayaks: Clipper Canoes 🍁

Name: Clipper Canoes

Products: Canoes (various types and sizes, and composite materials)

Manufactured In: Abbotsford, BC

Where to Buy: Dealers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Clipper canoes are made by Western Canoeing Manufacturing Inc. which is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The company has been making canoes since 1976 when it was founded by Marlin and Mary Bayes.

The selection of canoes by Clipper has increased significantly since early years of the company and today the selection includes over 40 different models. The prodcut line has grown from generic canoes to specialised crafts and customers can choose from recreational canoes, flatwater tripping canoes, river tripping canoes, racing canoes, and more.

Clipper has authorised dealers across Canada and it will also ship the canoes worldwide.