Personal Care: Canus 🍁

Name: Canus

Products: Goat’s milk soap, lotions, body wash

Manufactured In: Quebec (head offices located in Montreal) & Ontario

Where to buy: Online, various major chains (Costco, Walmart, Loblaws, Dollarama, Sobey’s, etc.)


Canadian Owned: Yes

The fifth-largest soap manufacturer in Canada, and owner of three separate brands, Canus produces 70 different goat milk products, including a monthly production of one million soap bars. All of their products incorporate fresh Quebecois goat’s milk, which is then used for manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec. Their brands Caprina, Nature by Canus, and Li’l Goat’s can be found in most major grocery and dollar store chains in all provinces and territories.

Canus was founded by André Beauregard who originally ran a wholesale venture offering products such as home fragrances and scented candles. He got the idea for goat’s milk products when a client asked him for skin care products made with goat’s milk. With the help of a Procter & Gamble retiree, the Canus’ Original Formula was developed.