Car Rental: Communauto 🍁

Name: Communauto

Products: Car sharing

Headquartered In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, and Sherbrooke, Quebec; Toronto, Waterloo, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Kingston, and Ottawa, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Halifax, Nova Scotia


Canadian Owned: Yes

Communauto is the only Canadian-owned alternative to US-based Zipcar or Maven. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and was founded in 1994.

Today, Communauto is the largest carsharing operator in Canada. It is also the oldest carsharing operator in North America. In addition to Canada, Communauto also operates in Paris, France.

If you live in Toronto and are looking for a Canadian-owned carsharing service, you need to visit, which is the company’s specific website for Toronto where it operates as Communauto Flex.

There are several benefits to car sharing which include reducing the number of vehicles on the road, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.