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Carmelinda Galota

Unlimited HRM Solutions began as a thought in August of 2020 and flourished into an entire company shortly thereafter. The team is so proud of how far the company has come. As the company continues to grow, our client base increases and services continue expanding.

  • Unlimited HRM Solutions offers two divisions: business-to-business services and our newly launched business-to-consumer division.
  • Business to Business Division: Unlimited HRM Solutions was established to assist your business with an unlimited scope of HR-related services. Now more than ever, HR is being called to the table to provide insight and recommendations for favourable changes and compliance activities.
  • Business to Consumer Division: Unlimited HRM Solutions understands the difficulty and challenges that come with applying for a new position. Our background in assisting small to medium-sized companies in a variety of HR-related services makes us the perfect place to assist you in all of your employment needs. Our newly launched consumer division includes services for individuals who are experiencing difficulties and challenges finding employment. Our consumer division includes Resume Builder and feedback, Cover Letter Builder and feedback, mock interviews, career coaching, and educating you on your rights as an employee in Canada and, more specifically, within Ontario.

Tell us about yourself?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, I recognized the drastic shift in how the Human Resources department is structured. HR professionals around the globe have seen their roles expand exponentially as a result of the pandemic. I have worked in HR for 15-plus years and have gained a thorough understanding of HR through education and experience working with small businesses and multinational corporations. I decided to take a chance on myself, started the process of looking for clients through word of mouth, and grew my network in August 2020. This is how Unlimited HRM Solutions was established. I recognized the lack of HR support that small and medium-sized businesses experience during stages of growth. As a result of the high cost of HR support, most businesses are not able to afford a full-time HR partner. This is ultimately the reason why I created my business: to help entrepreneurs with their HR priorities.

We have just launched a B2C division to help consumers with their resumes, cover letters, and preparing for job interviews.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Invest more in the company and hire others to help you. As long as you pour everything into what you’re doing, you will always succeed. When I started this company in August 2020, I spent the first two years working over 12 hours a day, morning to night, every day, to grow this business. Now that my company is more established, I am able to hire more people to join the team. If I hired more employees in the first two years of operation, I would have been able to expand the company even more and at a faster rate.

Unlimited HRM Solutions

What problem does your business solve?

Unlimited HRM Solutions consists of two divisions. The first division is to support businesses, and the second division is to support individuals.

  • Business Division: This division is focused on assisting small to medium-sized businesses that don’t know anything about hiring people or paying people, treating them fairly, etc. Employees have rights, and they know them. Employers should be no different.
  • Individual Division: This division is focused on assisting individuals wanting to update or change their resumes and cover letters, who are struggling during the interview process, or who want to change their career fields but don’t know where to start.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The job of being a mom will never go away. My two children are my biggest achievements. I created this business to allow my kids to never feel they come second to my career. Working in HR for 15-plus years has taught me the dos and don’ts of business. I believe that laws are implemented for a reason, and they should be followed in order to prevent the mistreatment of employees and unethical behaviour in the world of business.

What is your magic sauce?

My experience in the industry, getting things done as promised for my clients – I’m a results-driven person and enjoy what I do. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with international businesses, and being in a generalist capacity, this has helped me understand everything as it relates to what small and medium-sized businesses need. In addition, being in HR, you’re forced to keep up to date with changing (employment-related) laws and what is going on in the world of HR.

Unlimited HRM Solutions

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

My plan is to attract more clients and hire more HR generalists. This will ultimately help people (employees) and business owners as well as the economy. We have a vibrant community in the GTHA, and too often, I hear horrible news about employees being treated unfairly. This, of course, all stems from the business owner’s lack of HR or employment of people know-how.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

My personal and professional life took a turn when I suffered a serious car accident. During my recovery, I seized the opportunity to focus on my professional development, ensuring I remained up-to-date in the dynamic HR landscape. This dedication to growth eventually paved the way for Unlimited HR Solutions. The company’s name reflects my extensive experience in the field of HR. I have truly been a generalist throughout my career, handling all aspects of Human Resources priorities with finesse. This in-depth knowledge has allowed me to build a vast network of connections, making me a go-to resource for businesses in need of HR expertise.

Since its inception, Unlimited HRM Solutions has seen remarkable growth, now with multiple team members operating out of a dedicated office space at 2169 King Road. My love for the community far surpasses my professional life as well. I live in King City, and I am active in community events alongside my children and husband. I’m also involved with the King Township Chamber of Commerce, where I have fostered lasting relationships and connections. As much success as I’ve found, I faced additional challenges recently with the loss of both my parents in 2021 and my father-in-law in 2022. Despite these hardships and the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, daughter, and business owner, I have demonstrated remarkable resilience, guiding my business to new heights.

In 2023, I have grown my business from a work-from-home solopreneur to hiring a dedicated team to help expand the company to its full potential.

How can people get involved?

Unlimited HRM Solutions continues to grow every day. Our business-to-business division assists small to medium-sized businesses with an unlimited scope of HR-related services. Our business-to-individual division assists consumers through the difficulty and challenges that come with applying for a new position. Our background in assisting small to medium sized companies in a variety of HR-related services, making all of us the perfect team to assist individuals with their employment needs.

You can call or email us for a free consultation at 416-399-0916,, book through calendly:, or visit our website at