Vehicles: ElectraMeccanica 📈🍁

Name: ElectraMeccanica

Products: Electric vehicles

Manufactured In: China

Where to Buy: Reserve on company website


Canadian Owned: Yes – publicly traded but controlled by the Canadian management team

When’s the last time you heard of a Canadian car company? ElectraMeccanica is based in Vancouver, and about to start mass-producing the Solo, an electric commuter vehicle that sells for under $20K (pre-tax). As of April, they had an order book of $2.4 billion – the total value of orders for the Solo and Tofino (a forthcoming 2-seater roadster) that have been placed.

Accessories: Silverwax 🍁

Name: Silverwax

Products: Car care products

Manufactured In: Quebec City, Quebec

Where to Buy:  Online, Canadian Tire and other retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Silverwax produces a variety of care products for cars, motorcycles and RVs. We believe their line of products available online is more extensive than you can find at retailers, so if you’re looking for a specific product, check online!

Car Rental: Location Sauvageau 🍁

Name: Location Sauvageau

Products: Vehicle rental

Headquartered In: St-Raymond, Québec

Where to Buy: 40 locations throughout Quebec


Canadian Owned: Yes

Location Sauvageau not only rents the usual cars, SUVs and trucks, they also rent specialty vehicles, such as bucket trucks, refrigerated vans, etc., more geared towards businesses with unique needs.

Vehicles: Can Am Spyder 🍁

Name: Can-Am Spyder

Products: 3-wheeled motorcycle

Manufactured In: Valcourt, Quebec

Where to buy: Dealers everywhere


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Spyder is a unique 3-wheel vehicle introduced in 2007. Not quite a motorcycle, and not quite a trike, the Spyder has two wheels in the front and one in the back. Note that the engine appears to be manufactured in Austria.

Bombardier is the manufacturer of the Spyder, and though they are publicly traded we marked them as Canadian because they are controlled by Canadians.

Tires: Goodyear

Name: Goodyear
Products: Passenger and light truck tires
Manufactured In: Napanee, Ontario and Medicine Hat, Alberta
Where to Buy: Tire shops across Canada
Canadian Owned: No

Goodyear employs about 750 people in Napanee and 300 in Medicine Hat making tires for cars and light trucks.

It appears that tires made in Napanee will be molded with the code DOT 4B in the sidewall, while Medicine Hat tires will have DOT PC. Example image here.

Tires: Michelin

Name: Michelin

Products: Tires

Manufactured In: Bridgewater, Waterville, Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Tire shops across Canada


Canadian Owned: No

Michelin Canada employs 3,400 people producing car tires and bus tires in Nova Scotia.

Michelin let us know that it’s very difficult to identify specific tires that are made in Nova Scotia, as different lines and sizes are shipped throughout North America from all their facilities. However,  you can identify tires made at these plants with the DOT codes molded in their sidewall as follows: DOT B3, DOT HN, DOT M5. We’re not sure it’s possible to get this information before actually buying a tire, but it’s the best we’ve got.

Tires: Bridgestone/Firestone

Name: Bridgestone/Firestone

Products: Tires

Manufactured In: Joliette, Quebec

Where to Buy: Dealers across Canada


Canadian Owned: No

The plant in Joliette produces tires for cars and light trucks. The plant employs 1,300 people and makes 17,000 tires per day. In 2016, the company embarked on a $300 million, 5-year expansion plan that will continue to grow capacity and employment at the plant.

We have reached out to the company to try to find out which type of tires are produced at the plant. In the meantime, tires manufactured at this plant should have DOT 9B, DOT VN, or DOT XY molded into the sidewall.

Gasoline: Parkland Fuels 📈

Name: Parkland Fuels

Products: Gasoline

Headquartered in: Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Ultramar, Race Trac, Pioneer, Fas Gas Plus stations (also certain Esso and Chevron stations)


Canadian Owned: Publicly traded on the TSX

Parkland is the largest independently owned fuel retailer in Canada. You won’t see their name on any gas stations, but you will recognize their brands. They purchase their gasoline from a variety of different refiners, but also own the refinery in Burnaby, BC.

Auto Accessories: North Bound Expeditions 🍁

Name: North Bound Expeditions

Products: Fabric products for off-road vehicles: spare tire trash bags, chainsaw bags, cargo nets, fire extinguisher mounts, seat covers, apparel, visor panel organizers

Manufactured In: New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Oromocto, NB or online via our website


Canadian Owned: Yes

North Bound Expeditions is a veteran owned and operated company that makes hand made fabric items for offroad vehicles, in New Brunswick. They purchase their raw materials from an Ontario textile company.

Retailer: Federated Co-operatives Limited 🍁

Name: Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL)
Products: Gasoline, other fuels, food stores, agriculture
Headquartered In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Where to Buy: Western Provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
Canadian Owned: Yes

FCL is owned by about 190 smaller member co-operatives across Western Canada (which are themselves owned by more than 1.8 million people). They employ around 23,000 people and are hugely popular, based on the number of submissions we received to this site.

FCL primarily operates on a B2B model, offering fuel (owning their own refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan), farm supplies, food, and home & building supplies.