Clothing and Miscellaneous: Salt Shop 🍁

Name: Salt Shop

Products: Clothing, miscellaneous other products

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to buy: Online, retail in BC


Canadian Owned: Yes

Salt is a clothing company operating out of British Columbia. They clearly mark on their website the products they produce that are made in Canada,  mostly clothing, but also other products.

Personal Care: Deciem 🍁

Name: Deciem

Products: Skincare and beauty

Manufactured in: Canada

Where to buy: Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver and worldwide


Canadian owned: Yes (though US giant Estee Lauder owns 28%)

Since launching in 2013, Deciem has grown explosively around the world. They have 10 different product lines and a CEO who describes himself as “screwed up” and goes by the title “Worker”. Their “The Ordinary” line has drawn huge attention for its quality at extremely affordable prices.

They source their raw materials from around the world and are owned 28% by Estee Lauder.

Personal Care & Honey: Toronto Honeys 🍁

Name: Toronto Honeys

Products: Honey, Lip balm

Manufactured In: Toronto, ON

Where to buy: Bloordale, Fort York, Karma Co-op Food Store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Toronto Honey’s is a small honey and lip balm producer with a focus on being organic and environmentally friendly. They have hives at Fort York and Islington United Church. If you’re looking for honey in the GTA and want to keep it local, check these guys out.


Cosmetics/Personal Care: East Coast Glow 🍁

Name: East Coast Glow

Products: Cosmetics and personal care products made from iceberg water

Manufactured in: Bonavista, Newfoundland

Where to buy: At their company website or their store in Bonavista


Canadian owned: Yes

Karen and Roger Dewling ship their innovative and natural products across the country from their small cosmetics studio in Bonavista. Along with iceberg water from the icebergs floating by, they also collect local wildflowers, salt and mushrooms to help formulate their products.

Personal Care: JM Fraser’s Shaving Cream 🍁

Name: JM Fraser’s Shaving Cream

Product: Shaving cream (several varieties)

Manufactured in: Canada, possibly Toronto

Where to buy: Online at a variety of different outlets

Canadian owned: Yes? (Per submission it’s from Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply, but could not get independent confirmation)

This is definitely a made in Canada product that is well-reviewed in shaving circles (is that a thing?) but it’s difficult to find out much information about the manufacturer. There seems to be 4-5 different scents of the product available from a bunch of different online stores. If anyone knows more about this product, please reach out to us.