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Charlotte Ferreux

Thrive Coaching and Consulting offers clients growth and development solutions through our High-Performance coaching, HR consulting, and leadership training. We provide in-person and online coaching and consulting, which extends our client base beyond Canada. The Thrive Method is unique in that it is centred on internal changes that impact outward performance and develop High-Performance Leadership Cultures within organizations. We are committed to our clients’ growth, implementing sustainable people processes and providing the necessary tools and expert resources for scalability and duplication. We are also process geeks and have developed an incredible system for building out fully scaled virtual businesses (even if you are in a brick-and-mortar business).

We also do individual and group coaching for life, business mastery, and leadership development as well as certifying coaches in a number of different modalities through our Thrive Mastery Academy.

Tell us about yourself?

While growing up, my family owned and operated a successful restaurant that inspired me to be the entrepreneur I am today. I learned at a young age that you need to work smart in order to be successful, that your people make your business, and that you can’t only manage from the outside (you need to get your hands dirty and really walk the walk).

As a young woman not quite ready to put down roots, we sold our family restaurant as I wanted to see what else was possible. I managed for Lululemon Athletica prior to and during their IPO. I was accountable for the hiring and retention process for regions with over 600 staff members, the operations and financial execution and training for those regions, and the community building within the organization.

Throughout my time with Lululemon, I really started to understand my strengths in leading teams and business, but also how a value-based culture creates an effective, profitable and sustainable environment like no other. Over the years following, I became a certified High-Performance Coach (amongst other certifications), and I started my own business to help organizations create a value-based leadership culture that provides sustainable growth and lasting change from the inside out.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

I would simply share with myself that the more I let go of expectations and never force things to happen; that’s the moment everything falls into place. The things that need to leave, will leave (rejection is protection and redirection). All the seeds that were planted will come up and bloom when the time is right. My job is to continue planting the seeds, focusing my time on the things that will move the needle the most and develop a team that is in full alignment of our company values.

What problem does your business solve?

As we currently live in an economic environment that can be volatile; with inflated costs, labour shortages, and unsteady resource flows, it can feel risky for an organization to invest financially in their own people and culture. But in today’s society, that is exactly what they need to do. One of the few things we can control in a dynamic environment is the way we show up and the culture we develop. The results are proof enough: when you focus on your people and role-model leadership that is rooted in integrity, vulnerability, energy, flexibility, and courage, your leadership is duplicated within your team. When you create a leadership structure that learns the art of the pivot, avoids creating silo’s and pursues interconnectedness, you can face evolving needs head on. You set the culture, which operates at a higher level of performance, creating long-term, sustainable growth.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The world needs stronger leaders. Strong leaders have great impact. At Thrive, we support organizations in establishing clarity in their values, so that they are clear on the impact they want to have, and then we support them in ensuring that this impact is reflected both internally and externally – shifting from the inside out. We are committed to helping our clients continuously improve performance in order to achieve incredible results.

We are committed to challenging our clients to push through comfort, in order to grow and develop – because we know that some of the best things in life are found outside of our comfort zone.

We are committed to having the hard conversations, stepping into more masterful communication, and taking feedback to move forward as our best – there is no sweeping anything under the rug.

As a team we operate under the motto “what got you here will NOT get you there.” We know that the skills, tools and habits that got us to this level of success will not be the same as those required for our next level. And so we commit ourselves to the same level of challenge that we coach and consult our clients to step into.

By stepping into greater levels of challenge, we become more influential and more impactful in our leadership.

What is your magic sauce?

Here are the main things that differentiates our company from the competition:

We have a flexible labour model that allows us to expand when needed and stay to our core when needed.

We model the very same things that we coach and consult on. We lead by example and we use our own methodologies and processes from within.

We get to the root cause of why they are seeing the current state of performance. There are no Band-Aid solutions; we help them shift from top-down and through each individual leader.

We are driven by creating a simplified process to manage performance. We teach through using the right processes and platforms so that leadership duplication becomes part of the culture they create from within.

We have a team of world-class elite coaches most cannot beat due to the experience, science-backed certifications, Neuro-Linguistic Programming certifications, and being trained by the world’s leading performance coach as well as our own certification process.

We understand marketing, digital buildout, and how to launch online. Our model is 100 per cent virtual.

Our energy and how we impact people stands out in our success. Most people can’t match it.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

I’ve recently become certified to train coaches, which in addition to the services Thrive already offers, will connect to certifying our proprietary process. The Thrive Mastery Academy will be a fully virtual, digital product paired with live coaching modules and optional in-person events.

Our growth plan aligns with our focus on scalability; constantly broadening our impact and influence in the coaching and consulting industry. We want to increase our capacity for coaching and consulting clients, while fully establishing trademarks for our carefully developed methodologies.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Learning how to trust the long game in business and not react rashly when I see data that would suggest that I need to pivot. Learning how to discern, trust my intuition, and make confident decisions that still have risk connected but also are decisions that I will be proud of as I move forward.

I’ve also learned that I get very clear ideas on ideas that are needed in our business. This doesn’t mean they need to happen this minute. So a challenge has been getting those clear ideas to act upon, but learning to let go of the timeline. (Back to my thoughts on planting seeds and letting go).

Investing in a team quicker than I feel comfortable has also been a theme for me. This has almost always led me to the next level but has been a challenge to let go and trust.

Thank goodness I’m a coach and surrounded by incredible coaches so that I can move through challenges quickly and bounce back from setbacks stronger than I was right before the learning happened!

How can people get involved?

You can learn more about Thrive and our methods by visiting our website,, following us on social media, and listening to Charlotte’s podcast, Change by Choice.

Thrive works with singular clients and organizations alike. We offer 1:1 coaching packages as well as organizational leadership development and consultation services (Performance, Leadership, HR and Coach Mastery). Our highly-skilled team offers a range of people and culture solutions for your organization. Send us an email at to see how we can help you on your high performance development journey.