Cleaning: BinBreeze 🍁

Name: BinBreeze

Products: A powder that goes into the kitchen compost bin that eliminates fruit flies, odours, and moisture naturally

Manufactured In: Abbotsford, BC

Where to Buy: Over 500 retailers across Canada like Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Thrifty’s, and more


Canadian Owned: Yes

BinBreeze is a compost powder that is sprinkled into a household compost bin. It does THREE main things: 1) dehydrates and kills fruit flies, 2) eliminates odour, 3) removes moisture. It is meant for households that have a compost bin inside, but struggle with composting because of the smell, moisture or fruit flies. This applies to people of all ages who want a more pleasant composting experience. It solves the common problems associated with composting. We use 3 main ingredients, 1 that dehydrates anything with an exoskeleton. This means that BinBreeze is safe to use in compost because it will not affect worms, or other animals helpful to the composting process. It only affects those pests which make composting difficult. Secondly, to eliminate odour we increase the carbon ratio from 17:1 to 30:1 which promotes aerobic (composting with oxygen) composting. Aerobic composting, unlike the normal anaerobic (without oxygen) process that happens in most compost bins, does not smell like rotting food waste. It simply smells like dirt. Further, we add essential oils to make the bin smell like either lavender or sweet orange. Thirdly, in order to capture the moisture in the compost bin, we use wood dust which absorbs moisture and dries out the compost bin. Simply put, BinBreeze is a product which provides a solution to ALL of the hassles that come along with composting. It does this completely naturally and sustainably.