Clothing: 60°N 95°W 🍁

Name: 60°N 95°W

Products: T-shirts, tops, sweatpants for men and women

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to buy: Online from the company’s website


Canadian Owned: Yes

The mission of 60°N 95°W Brand & Co. has been to create a line of fleece and casual wear that reflects Canada and its uniqueness. Part of that mission is to manufacture their clothes in Canada using Canadian craftsmanship.

The company gets its name from the official latitude and longitude of Canada and its line of clothes represents the country’s culture, points of natural beauty, and love of sports. It has also teamed up with the Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield to create the Official Chris Hadfield x 60°N 95°W collection.

The full selection of 60°N 95°W is available to view and order from the company’s website.