Clothing & Accessories: Preloved 🍁

Name: Preloved

Products: Womenswear, scarves, mittens, sweaters, totes

Manufactured In: Scarborough, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and in-store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Preloved was founded over two decades ago by Julia Grieve who describes herself as an accidental environmentalist. Proloved is an eco-consicous Canadian company that is committed to “saving the planet one sweater at a time”. The compaby crates unique and fashionale clothing made from vintage and dead stock materials.

According to Preloved, in the last 25 years the company has reused around one million pieces of clothing and stopped them from ending up in a landfill. The company is based in Scarborough, Ontario and all their items upcycled products are made in Canada.

You can purchase Preloved products online from the company’s website or in-store from stockists in several provinces.