Clothing: Buttercream Clothing 🍁

Name: Buttercream Clothing

Products: Womenswear and accessories

Manufactured In: Kelowna, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Online from the company’s website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Buttercream Clothing started life as Buttercream Aprons since the first items made by the founder Candice were vintage-style aprons. However, the word of her sewing skills soon spread and she began to receive requests for clothing items and the company evolved into Buttercream clothing.

Today, Buttercream Clothing employs a team of talented sewers who are all based in Canada. The company also works with three ethical production partners in Calgary to meet the demand.

Buttercream Clothing is available in two ways: Freshly Baked and Pre-Sale. Freshly Baked clothes are ready made and ship within 1-6 days, while Pre-Sale clothes are made to order. Both ready-made and made to order clothes can be ordered from Buttercream Clothing website.