Clothing/Fashion: HORSES 🍁


Products: Women’s fashion, including jumpsuits, tops, jackets, dresses, and accessories

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario


Where to Buy: Online

Canadian Owned: Yes

HORSES is a fashion label founded in 2012. The founders are Canadian best friends Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka, who work tirelessly to provide fashion that women can use to express themselves. It’s a personal expression, no matter what. One of HORSES’ biggest sellers is their jumpsuits, which are bold, beautiful, and fit well. The company has been praised many times for the accurate and no-nonsense fit of its jumpsuits.

However, that isn’t where the label ends. You can also find jackets, dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories on the HORSES website. Accessories include bags, hats, masks, and scrunchies. Every piece is sustainably made in Toronto with ethically sourced materials. In addition to its environmental goals, HORSES gives back to several social and humanitarian charities. You can find a list of the charities and organizations they give to on their website.