Accessories/Jackets: m0851 🍁

Name: m0851

Products: Leather goods, bags, accessories, outerwear, wallets

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: stores13 m0851 , select retailers, online


Canadian Owned: Yes

M0851 is a Canadian company based in Montreal. It designs and manufactures leather jackets, bags, outerwear, and accessories. M0851 was established in 1987 and was formerly known as Rugby North America. In its designs, M0851 uses a matrix of styles that are applied to a wide range of rich leathers and fabrics to create authentic products that are made locally.

All M0851 products are designed in-house in Montreal and over 90% of the products are entirely produced in the company’s Montreal workshops. Although keeping production local has provided some challenges it is a conscious decision to support the local economy and fully utilise the talents of local artisans.