Clothing: Naturally Rugged 🍁

Name: Naturally Rugged

Products: Capris, shorts, pants, hoodies, sleeveless tops, etc

Manufactured In: Erin, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website and their shop in Erin


Canadian Owned: Yes

Naturally Rugged has been in operation since 1987 and over the decades has built a reputation as a company recognised nationwide for its exceptional clothes, customer service, and consumer satisfaction.

It was bought by a brother and sister team, Jeff Broughton and Tammy Quantress in 2013 because they liked the brand so much and wanted to keep the tradition alive. Jeff and Tammy were already owners of an existing family business, Kennedy’s Flags and Specialty Sewing, and brought their expertise to continue building the Naturally Rugged product line.

Naturally Rugged produces comfortable and durable clothing that is perfect for casual, travel, and adventure wear.