Clothing: PolarPiece 🍁

Name: PolarPiece

Products: Unisex clothing

Manufactured In: Scarborough, Ontario

Where to Buy: Trade shows, online, retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

PolarPiece, a Canadian clothing company based in Scarborough, Ontario, designs and makes unisex clothing for adults and youths. In the founders’ words, the company was born around a campfire in Collingwood, Ontario on a late summer night. The company’s goal is to create clothes that are fashionable, fun, and comfortable. The idea is that the clothes are easy to throw on and get comfortable in when you need to rest and relax.

All garments by PolarPiece are made using the highest quality fabrics and manufacturing processes. The fabrics are all made in British Columbia or Quebec, while the sewing and printing are done in Ontario and the company warehouse is located just outside Toronto.