Commercial/Industrial: AGAT Laboratories 🍁

Name: AGAT Laboratories

Products: Testing services

Headquartered In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Locations across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

AGAT Laboratories is a Canadian company that provides analytical solutions worldwide. The first AGAT laboratory was founded in 1979. AGAT is a privately owned network of laboratories that is known for providing accurate, defensible, and timely solutions to even the most complex analytical requests.

AGAT has 43 locations in Canada which are comprised of twelve scientific divisions that service a wide spectrum of industries including Environmental Chemistry, Petroleum Testing, Rock Properties, Lubricant Testing, Forensic Chemistry, Toxicology, Food Testing, Mining Geochemistry, and Agricultural Analysis.

AGAT also runs the AGAT Foundation that aims to unite people who share a common goal in building, creating, and healing through science and scientific technologies.