Condiments: CattleBoyZ 🍁

Name: CattleBoyZ

Products: Bbq sauces, seasonings and rubs

Manufactured In: Alberta and British Columbia

Where to Buy: Stores everywhere


Canadian Owned: Yes

CattleBoyz is a Canadian company founded by a family who have been raising cattle in Alberta for more than seven decades. The company produces award winning sauces that took years to perfect. The sauces are produced in Okotoks, Alberta and in the neighbouring British Columbia.

CattleBoyZ first hit the market in 1998 and their first product was the CattleBoyZ Original Sauce. Since then, the company has extended their sauce offering to include, for example, Smokey Southwest Spice, Big Country Garlic Seasoning, and Gourmet Seasoning.

Many of the sauces by CattleBoyZ include no fat, MSG, high fructose syrup, and no allergens. However, always check the product label for the exact ingredients if you have specific dietary requirements.