Condiments: Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Mustard 🍁

Name: Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Mustard

Products: Mustards, relish, vinaigrettes

Manufactured In: Merrickville, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Mrs. McGarrigle’s has been making fine mustards since 1988 when it was founded by Janet Campbell. She started by manufacturing condiments in the basement of a hostel in Ottawa after-hours. Since then Mrs. McGarrigle’s has grown into a business that sells not just mustards and other condiments but also stylish gourmet food, home decor, and fine kitchenware.

The company has a store in the picturesque Merrickville, Ontario which has expanded significantly since the early days as the business has grown. All mustards condiments by Mrs. McGarrigle’s are made in the premises as is a respected cooking school.

Mrs. McGarrigle’s mustards and other condiments are also sold in nearly 300 retailers across Canada.