Condiments: Primo Ketchup 🍁

Name: Primo

Product: Ketchup

Manufactured in: Canada, from Canadian tomatoes

Where to buy: List of stores here


Canadian owned: Yes

Primo Ketchup is part of the product family of Sun-Brite Canning Limited which also produces other condiments, canned tomatoes, sauces, beans, and pasta at the company’s Ruthven facility. Primo has been owned by Sun-Brite since 1993.

Sun-Brite was founded by Henry Iacobelli and his wife Lina in 1973. Since the early days, the company has grown from producing 33,000 canned tomatoes in a year to producing 70,000 cases of tomato products per day. As well as investing in new product lines, the company also invests in its employees and many of its 90 staff at the Ruthven facility have been there for over 15 years. Sun-Brite also employs 120 people at the Primo plant and 85 people at the Unico plant, which are both in Toronto.