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Connor Atchison

Wisedocs is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that indexes, sorts, and organizes medical records as it pertains to the claims space. The Wisedocs platform makes it easy to sort, understand, and organize messy, unstructured medical documents.

When in the claims process, such as for workers’ compensation, claimants have medical records associated with their claims. This medical record is often passed around over a long and arduous process throughout the insurance ecosystem, touching the associated insurance companies, legal firms, and medical practices that need to evaluate the legitimacy of the claim. This medical record goes through countless faxes, system uploads, summaries, and notes so that the claim can be thoroughly assessed. This process is challenging for the doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies, as well as the claimant themselves, causing frustration and backlog.

Wisedocs strives to make the medical record review process quick and simple with the support of our AI-driven medical document processing platform.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Connor Atchison, Wisedocs’ founder and CEO. Prior to founding Wisedocs, I was in the Canadian Armed Forces, and I am now a veteran with 12 years of military service under my belt. Under the Department of National Defence, I served in the infantry and then moved into healthcare administration. Through my career, as well as my first-hand experience caretaking for a family member after a catastrophic accident, I had exposure to a complicated and convoluted process that negatively impacted people’s health, livelihood, and ability to heal. I found that the medical claims process needed something to change: Enter Wisedocs.

Since 2017, when we launched as BEAR Health Technologies, there have been major milestones toward reaching the original vision. What started as an idea is now a real business making real change. I’m still driven to make a change in the global healthcare landscape, and thanks to the support of the Wisedocs team, industry experts, and customers and partners, we’re achieving the original goals we set out to achieve.

What problem does your business solve?

The medical claims industry is broken and disjointed. After more than a decade of witnessing the pain and challenges of thousands of veterans as they move through the claims process, short-term disability and long-term disability, and having been through it myself, I know it’s a problem worth solving.

Manual processes were creating a backlog that felt impossible to climb out of. This backlog caused a ripple effect on all those involved: a frustrating process for insurers, doctors, case managers, and the individual. Creating an automated and intelligent process allows for all involved in the claims space to have a faster and more positive experience overall.

With an automated and intelligent process, we can create a faster, more efficient, and less expensive process for all involved, so people who are claimants can focus on healing and the organizations involved can move fast at scale.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The time I spent overseeing processes in the Health Care Administration arm of the Canadian Armed Forces gave me insight into the manual and slow process for filing health insurance and disability claims. This slow process was having a very real impact on people’s lives. Claims were taking well over 18 months to go through, and reviewing medical records was one of the biggest hold-ups in this. Soldiers injured in combat were having to navigate disability claims, occupational therapy, veterans affairs, and insurance coverage, all while they were still recovering themselves.

This manual process isn’t just present in the military. Every workers’ compensation, liability, auto or vehicle, and disability claim has many steps and inefficiencies affecting the entire insurance ecosystem, including lawyers, clinicians, independent medical evaluators, and ultimately the claimant and their family.

The purpose underlying Wisedocs focuses on a part of the healthcare system not a lot of people get to see, and yet it is a multi-billion dollar industry that is ripe for innovation. I knew about the technical problems with medical claims and record reviews. Originally, I wasn’t sure what an automated solution would look like, but what I did know – and what I cared about – was that Wisedocs was something worth building. I coded an original version of Wisedocs, then called Bear Health Solutions, and launched the initial product to the market.

What is your magic sauce?

We are fortunate as a team to not only have tenure in the industry and expertise in our fields, but many leadership and team members have personal experience with the claims space and a passion to solve the underlying problems with it.

Our clients choose to grow with us because of our scalable solution. Wisedocs offers unparalleled turnaround time, medical record review accuracy, and caring and available customer service.

“On my own, a case under 100 pages can take [up to] 30 minutes. When I upload a huge case of over 100 pages [to Wisedocs], it can take five minutes,” shares one of our customers, Carla Garofalo, Case Coordinator at AGS Rehab Solutions. “It’s a huge help in my job. I use Wisedocs every day.”

Wisedocs is an experienced company that focuses on delivering great customer outcomes. We spend a great deal of effort understanding clients’ needs and ensuring our solution provides targeted and measurable value to solve for client pain points.

What is the vision?

The Wisedocs vision centers around building a future where working with medical records efficiently are the standard, not an anomaly. Claimants deserve a faster process toward closure on a medical case, and the teams surrounding the analysis of the medical record deserve an easier and more effective solution to manually reviewing files with hundreds to thousands of pages.

To accomplish this, Wisedocs first entered the market with independent medical evaluators and firms – those who manually work with complex medical records. These firms send and receive the records within the insurance ecosystem, sharing these large files of sensitive data with medical, legal, and insurance companies. From there, we have expanded to work directly with legal and insurance firms as well as workers’ compensation and similar organizations.

Our product vision began with the seemingly simple and “no-brainer” (pun intended!) task of automating a manual process.

How can people get involved?

Visit our website at

Wisedocs partners and works with independent medical evaluators, insurance companies, legal firms, and lawyers to process medical claims – fast. You can learn how customers are saving time, cutting costs, and speeding up the claims process using Wisedocs from our case studies and blog at

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