Couriers: TFI International 📈

Name: TFI International

Products: Courier and logistics services through the following brands: Canpar Courier, ICS Courier, Dynamex, Loomis Express, All Canadian Courier

Headquartered In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Traded on the TSX

TFI International is recognised as a leader in transportation and logistics in North America. The company partners with a diverse range of customers in Canada and the United States. TFI’s e-commerce network spans over 80 North American cities. Through the operating companies, TFI provides a full range of transportation and logistics services.

The company started as Cabano Transport in 1957. It was founded by Reno and Réal Émond in Cabano, Quebec. Since those days, the company has grown through a series of acquisitions and become TFI International. Today, the company has over 600 facilities, employs nearly 26,000 people, and includes over 90 operating companies.