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Curt Janzen

The Beyond Group is four separate construction divisions that strive to create warm, safe places and happy people. The original division is our spray foam insulation company. This quickly grew into a full-service company that completes attic blown-in loose fill, fibreglass batt and poly, as well as asbestos abatement. After this was established, we started a roofing division concentrating on spray-applied roofing solutions. Over time, we have grown to do multiple types of commercial roofing, as well as sloped residential shingling. Our commercial thermal division specializes in fireproofing, fire stopping, intumescent coatings, and specialty spray-applied sound insulation. Lastly, the concrete lifting division lifts concrete pads using foam as well as void filling and soil stabilization. We complete any type of residential or commercial project with our lifting crews.

At Beyond, we are mostly concerned about the people who are part of our team and put a lot of tension on people to be loyal, optimistic, and principled. With that, we have an amazing team that loves to create these warm, safe places for our clients.

Tell us about yourself?

I started in the construction industry after getting a BA in Counselling. At the time, I felt that working with my hands and with people was a great combination. After different types of jobs, such as working at a lumber mill, lumber yard, concrete plant, doing renovations, flipping homes, and being a site foreman for a house building company, I found spray foam. I loved what it could do for my clients and, from there, pursued this as a career path. Along the way to getting into this business, I formally asked my brother-in-law, Kevin Boschee, to join me on this adventure, and he ultimately said yes. Together, with my love of starting businesses and his ability to run a strong business, Beyond began.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

We would pay more money to get better and faster financial information. Everything we do is based on the numbers. The more we can see the actuals, the stronger our business can be.

What problem does your business solve?

Our services will fix anything from a tripping hazard on your walkway to ensuring the safety of people in high rises due to fire. We also solve cold feet, rising heating bills, and protection from the weather with our roofing products. With all of this, the biggest thing we do for our clients is to provide peace of mind. It is our goal to use the technologies, products, and specialized crews we have to make sure our clients are happy.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

On the one side of our business, there is just such a great need for construction companies to just do the right thing. We love our clients, and without them, we would be nothing.

The other side of our business is the people that we get to work with. This is what really gets me excited today. I’m just curious about how many great people we can add to the team and give them a great place to work. Because we know there is plenty of work in our area, the real focus, and what inspires me to do my job well, is to find people who love to work and need a place to grow. Being in construction is not a dead-end job, and we want to encourage, hold accountable, and build into our people, which ultimately helps grow Beyond. Our inspiration is building into people who build something Beyond.

What is your magic sauce?

On the product side, we feel we are always looking to improve our systems and processes. Our goal is to be viewed as the expert by people on the outside but never be satisfied with where we are. This keeps us humble and hungry. On the team side, we are very bullish about the type of person we want to work alongside. As a leader, I feel people deserve to work with people they actually like. If someone doesn’t fit our Beyond DNA, we simply shake their hand and wish them the best at their next job. For the people that do fit, they love who we are and what we do. So, what is our magic sauce? 100 per cent, it’s our team.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

The vision for the next five years is consistent, organic growth. If we can keep adding great people to our team, it will continue to move forward and serve more people in our communities. Obviously, we are aware of and always planning for economic changes but are very positive about the opportunities that are still out there for growth. There are also a couple of real fun things we are dreaming about that we can’t talk about yet… Those things will be for the next interview in five years!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

As this business has grown, both Kevin and I have had to grow with it. We never want to be the lid on what Beyond could be. We are constantly challenging each other on what it is like to be on the other side of our leadership—from there, trying to figure out how we can grow personally to keep the wheels turning. When it was just Kevin and I in a truck working together all day, it was easy. As we march to having 100 people on our team, things are very different. Obviously, there have been so many growing pains with cash flow, interpersonal dynamics, processes, and more, but it really all falls on how we lead. The better job we do, always growing, the stronger Beyond will end up.

How can people get involved?

If you’re looking for any of our services or just want to chat about business, we love that! You can call our office at 403-730-8080 or visit our website at