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David Mendoza

Orbit 5 is a job search platform dedicated to transforming international students and newcomers into job-ready professionals in under 15 weeks.

We’re redefining career development, replacing often negative discourse with a message of positive transformation.

We guide our clients in discovering their potential through resume-building and personal branding, thereby cultivating deeper self-awareness.

We position networking and interviewing as opportunities for them to confidently demonstrate how their unique blend of skills, credentials, and experience can significantly contribute to their industry. With Orbit 5, the job search is not just a quest – it’s a journey toward self-discovery and professional development.

Mission: Increase confidence in our clients, enabling them to leverage their education and experience, tap into their talents, and seize deserving opportunities. Our programs and supportive community guide them in launching fulfilling careers and achieving personal and professional growth.


  • United in Community – Amidst global challenges like COVID-19, we founded a worldwide community of international students spanning four continents. Every month, we gather in webinars to uplift, support, and celebrate each other’s milestones. In our community, individual success is celebrated as a collective triumph.
  • Disruptive Fun – At Orbit 5, we reimagine the job search process. Instead of inducing fear, we turn it into an exciting journey of growth and self-discovery. Our students delve into the experience, viewing it as a vibrant path leading to personal development and practical skill enhancement fueled by actionable insights.
  • Transformative Growth – The most rewarding moments for us are when we witness the profound transformations our students undergo. Through our programs, they transition from feeling directionless to being ardently focused and self-assured. They harness the best from their diverse backgrounds, using it to shine and add unmatched value in their professional spheres.
  • Embracing Diversity – We don’t just acknowledge diversity. We celebrate it. We’re dedicated to nurturing the growth of every student, cherishing their unique backgrounds. We acquaint them with the rich tapestry of Canada’s diverse society, equipping them with the mindset and tools to thrive and harmonize in a multicultural environment. We believe that beneath surface differences lie shared values and aspirations.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a multilingual educator based in Toronto, boasting over 10 years of experience in training international students and newcomers to transition smoothly into life in Canada, ensuring they land career opportunities that pave the way toward well-being and prosperity.

In addition, I serve as a professor at George Brown College, where I teach “Career Transitions” to students grappling with mental health and addiction challenges and “Digital Skills for Life & Work” to students with mild learning disabilities.

My experience is varied and extensive, spanning teaching and coaching to international student recruitment and educational tourism. I am a fierce advocate for experiential learning and impactful educational approaches, dedicating myself to equipping students with the ability to think critically about their career choices.

My journey into this line of work was inspired by two pivotal experiences:

  • A life-changing experience as an international student in the UK
  • A disheartening experience within the education system in which I was raised

These two aspects have become the fuel that drives me to provide my students and clients with memorable life and educational experiences.

Outside of my professional sphere, I am an avid traveller and home cook, as well as a language aficionado. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently and can communicate in Italian, French, and German.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

To automate manual tasks earlier to be able to focus on crucial work and manage my time more effectively.

Orbit 5
FutureMakers Event hosted in September to help students amplify their worth by teaching them how to communicate their value effectively.

What problem does your business solve?

The lack of confidence that international professionals experience to communicate their value effectively and position themselves as competent candidates to thrive in the Canadian market.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

We are inspired by the talent of international professionals in North America who leave their families and friends behind to contribute to the growth of our society with a global perspective and an unparalleled sense of resilience and adaptability.

The problem we solve is for them to amplify their network and pursue career opportunities that align with their vision or growth.

What is your magic sauce?

No one understands our audience as profoundly as my managing partner and I do. Both of us serve as professors at top higher-education institutions in Ontario, interacting with international students on a daily basis, which provides us with invaluable insights.

We’re intimately familiar with their problems, challenges, and insecurities. Our unique approach – or magic sauce, if you will – centres on attentive listening, devising solutions that directly address their pain points, and training them to launch successful careers in their new home countries.

When the pandemic struck, we witnessed first-hand the difficulties students faced as they navigated the life and career challenges brought on by COVID-19. Job offers were rescinded, academic arrangements altered, support networks became inaccessible, and assistance was scarce.

This scenario led to a dip in their confidence and adversely impacted their mental health.

Taking matters into our own hands, we filled the void of support by hosting career-focused webinars every Monday throughout 2020 and 2021 to help upskill students and restore the confidence they lost when their job offers were withdrawn.

We established a global community, connecting international students based in Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, India, Brazil, and Colombia.

This resulted in 95 per cent of the students of that community landing jobs and keeping their mental health on point.

Our secret sauce: We care like no one else does!

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Championing the success and personal growth of our audience, exposing our clients to real-life scenarios that prepare them to excel in an interconnected economy while maintaining mental well-being. This propels our commitment to providing unrivalled support.

Our goal is to transition from being a career coaching company to becoming an IT Educational Solution where we partner up with students, schools, and agents to provide AI solutions that help our students tell better stories so they land the best job opportunities.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The biggest challenge arises when some educational institutions we reach out to perceive us as potential threats, assuming our goal is to usurp their positions.

On the contrary, our objective is to forge partnerships with them, supplementing their work and facilitating their efforts to provide top-notch career support to their student community.

How can people get involved?

If you are a leader in the higher education sector in North America, an educational agent, or an immigration consultant seeking to enrich your service portfolio so your clients and students enjoy a fruitful career experience, I invite you to connect with me. Visit me on LinkedIn at or explore our website at