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Dr. Ken Keis

At CRG (Consulting Resource Group), our purpose is to help others Live, Lead, and Work On Purpose! Our systems and experiences “Enrich People’s Lives”.

Founded in 1979, CRG serves in 13 languages in over 30 countries. CRG provides a Holistic Transformational Development System that grows the whole person. Our mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations realize their full potential and purpose – emotionally, mentally, physically, interpersonally, financially, and spiritually. We do this by being the best in the world in developing self-awareness to gain a better understanding of ourselves and others, with the ultimate goal of mastery.

CRG offers a range of tools, assessments, books, and training programs (both off and online) that aim to improve self-awareness, personal development, leadership, performance, and engagement. These tools are designed to be impactful, engaging, and easy to implement and used by development professionals globally to serve their clients and employees.

While certification is not required to access our assessments, it is recommended. CRG’s offerings can be beneficial to everyone 15 years of age and older, from individuals to Fortune 500 organizations.

To get more specific information about their programs, services, and how they can support organizational development, it would be best to visit their website and explore the relevant sections and resources they provide.

Tell us about yourself?

I started in this space as a sales trainer after leaving a successful career in selling. This then progressed to being involved with CRG, where developing the whole person with a focus on purpose became my passion. My Purpose is to help others find and live their purpose.

Official Bio:
Ken Keis, Ph.D., is an expert on leadership, purpose, and wellness and the foremost global authority on personality and behavioural assessments that increase and multiply your success rate. Ken has co-created CRG’s proprietary development models and written over 4 million words of content for 40 business training programs, including several online courses. He is an expert in assisting individuals, families, teams, and organizations to realize their full potential and to live On Purpose!

An internationally known author, speaker, and consultant, in the past 34 years, Ken has conducted more than 3,000 presentations and 10,000 hours of consulting and coaching. Dr. Keis is the author of Why Aren’t You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose! Best-selling authors Kenneth Blanchard, Jim Kouzes, and Marshall Goldsmith have endorsed Ken’s work.

His experience covers all areas of development—career, business, sales, personal, professional, purpose, wellness, leadership, communications, team-building, HR, and organization. He has served clients from Cape Town, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Vienna, and Brussels, to LA, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, and Mexico City.

He is President and CEO of Consulting Resource Group International, Inc., founded in 1979. Many professionals herald CRG as the Number One global resource center for Personal and Professional Development. Over 1 million people in 30 countries and 14 languages have engaged in CRG processes to Enrich Their Lives. Professionals are so impressed with CRG processes (assessments), that 80 per cent switch to CRG resources—no matter what they have been using or how long they have been using them. In this industry, that is unparalleled success.

Organizations such as the American Management Association, Justice Institute of BC, International Coaching Federation, and Adult and Career Development Network have embraced and endorsed CRG resources over others on the market.

CRG clients include Boeing, Chrysler, Honda, Ford, London Drugs, AT&T, PG&E, Manulife Financials, European Union Center for Leadership Development, universities, career centers, and thousands of HR professionals, coaches, individuals, and small business owners around the globe.

Ken was the host of the top-rated podcast Secrets of Success™ with Dr. Ken Keis, with over 250 episodes and a frequent podcast and media guest. His focus is sharing (via live, virtual, or e-courses) CRG’s unique developmental models to assist individuals, families, teams, and organizations in realizing their potential and purpose in the emotional, mental, psychological, intellectual, interpersonal, physical, financial, and spiritual areas of life.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Focus more on marketing systems for our company with my internal team instead of attempting to outsource to others.

What problem does your business solve?

  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Communications
  • Health, Wellness and Mental Health
  • Sales and Customer Services
  • HR, Hiring, Job Fit & On-boarding – Retention & Reduced Turn Over
  • Life Purpose
  • Engagement
  • High Potential and Talent Management

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Back in 1979, we were very frustrated with the personality assessments MBTI and DiSC – which we were using with our university students and clients. In our investigation, we confirmed serious design flaws, and we were so concerned about the well-being of our students that we could no longer use or recommend these assessments. On a challenge by our colleagues, we wanted to create a solution that addressed these concerns we had with other assessments. This birthed CRG’s first assessment, the Personal Style Indicator (PSI). Our multi-theory, self-scored, learner-friendly approach was so powerful that CRG has a 35-year track record of over 80 per cent of professionals switching to CRG assessments. The PSI has now become the number one personality assessment globally, as rated by participants.

Our focus is to develop the whole person so they can realize their full potential in all areas of their lives, from communications, relationships, leadership, sales, engagement, performance, team building, wellness, life purpose, and leadership.

We help individuals from the age of 15 with their self-awareness, which develops their self-management, which leads to self-mastery. Now with 15 assessments (some in 13 languages) and six online courses, soon to be 10 plus, we now serve 24/7 in over 30 countries globally.

Dr. Keis has been connected to CRG since 1990 and purchased the company in 2002.

What is your magic sauce?

Over the past 45 years, we have refined and authored an entire Holistic & Congruent Development System, which is focused on teaching the learner how to fish – equipping them for life. Our content is proprietary, addressing the many issues we discovered in many of the other assessment tools and theories. Our tools and resources are learner friendly and do not require certification to access or understand – so there is no barrier to accessing the benefits of our solutions.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Our plan is to complete our online academy of courses for all of the content and focus on marketing these courses and academies globally. Scaling the growth and engagement of these courses significantly

What is the vision?

Our Purpose is to help others Live, Lead, and Work On Purpose!

We envision partnering with organizations to leverage our content to their constituents. We already have a partnership model but want to scale this to connect with like-minded developers to improve the lives of millions of individuals globally.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Marketing Success. Designing and putting into place automated marketing systems and processes that result in sales. We have hired different marketing consultants, all of who have overpromised and underdelivered. We are now taking on this challenge internally.

In terms of getting involved – we are actively looking for partners who serve individuals, families, teams, and organizations both from an external provider or internal provider. We equally reward those who refer to those who consume.

If you are an external professional developer (individual or large group), like training, coaching, consulting, mentoring, placement, recruiting, education, etc., that focuses on the success of others, please reach out to find out how our resources can help you to serve your clients.

How can people get involved?

If you are an internal professional developer like HR, Training, Consulting, or a CEO or Business Owner, we can help you to increase the performance of your team and organization.

Please email CRG at or call our main number at 604-852-0566. You can learn more about our transformational resources at