Electronics: Canakit 🍁

Name: Canakit

Products: Raspberry Pi Kit

Manufactured In: Kits put together in North Vancouver, electronics manufactured internationally.

Where to buy: Online

Website: canakit.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

CanaKit, which was founded in 1990, assembles computer kits for hobbyists and educational purposes and is best known for their Raspberry Pi kits. They also put together Arduino kits, as well as a multitude of other, less well-known types of kits. Though the component parts are not produced in Canada, they are put together in British Columbia.

The kits come with several components. For example, the Rasberry Pi includes an SD Card loaded with a supported operating system, HDMI monitor or a display with RCA composite video input, HDMI cable or RCA cable, and standard USB keyboard and mouse, and a Micro USB Power Supply capable of delivering 1A @ 5.0V.