Electronics: NAD 🍁

Name: NAD

Products: Headphones, amplifiers, receivers, turntables, CD players, digital music players

Manufactured In: Outside Canada

Where to buy: Global network of dealers

Website: nadelectronics.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

NAD is a Canadian electronics company that designs and manufactures headphones, amplifiers, receivers, turntables, CD players, and digital music players. The company’s development team is based in Canada with the headquarters located in Pickering, Ontario. However, the company does not manufacture its products in Canada.

NAD has been in operation since 1972 when it set out to develop products that were able to cut through the industry hype. The company’s goal was to prove that excellent value and excellent sound quality could exist together and provide a quality alternative to cheap imports. A formidable goal since many reputable brands were unaffordable to most Canadians at the time.