Electronics: Plunge Audio 🍁

Name: Plunge Audio

Products: Custom in-ear monitors

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online or in-store

Website: plungeaudio.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Plunge Audio designs and manufactures custom in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors are what you see musicians wearing on stage so they can hear themselves playing. Plunge takes impressions of the musicians’ ear canals to manufacture monitors that fit the wearer perfectly. Over the years Plunge has built a reputation for impeccable audio quality which is well-earned.

The inventor of the Plunge in-ear monitors is Simon Fisk who was a highly in-demand professional musician. During his career as a musician, Simon developed a passion for sound design. After touring for a decade, Simon entered the hearing-aid industry, which eventually led him to found Plunge Audio and develop in-ear monitors.