Electronics: PSB Speakers 🍁

Name: PSB Speakers

Products: Speakers and headphones

Manufactured in: China

Where to buy: Online and in audio stores across the country

Website: psbspeakers.com

Canadian owned: Yes

PSB Speakers is a Canadian company in Pickering, Ontario. It was founded by Paul Barton, a musician with a keen interest in electronics. Paul first his first speakers for sale, mainly for students from the University of Waterloo, in 1972. However, the speakers became increasingly popular, and he soon registered his business under the name PSB Speakers (short for Paul and Sue Barton) and had to hire two helpers.

Today, PSB is one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry and is known for its high-performance, high-value speakers. While Paul no longer owns the company which has been acquired by Lenbrook International, he is still part of the company as Chief Acoustics Designer.