Electronics: Quantum5X Systems 🍁

Name: Quantum5X Systems

Products: Wireless microphone transmitters and receivers

Manufactured In: London, Ontario

Where to Buy: List of dealers

Website: Q5X.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Quantum5X Systems, or Q5X for short, was founded in 2002 to create wireless bodypacks that could be worn by professional athletes. The company succeeded in creating audio transmitters that were unparalleled in strength, comfort, and concealability. It also created a system to control transmitters remotely by a computer.

Today Q5X is a leader in the audio capture of professional sports and wireless sport audio and the company has installed its systems in dozens of major sporting arenas. The audio solutions by Q5X are also used in live theatre, reality shows, TV series, film industry, public speaking, and other live events. For more information on the Q5X systems, visit the company’s website.