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Elizabeth Tufegdzich

North America and the UK’s recruitment partner of choice for the fastest-growing tech startups. With a mission to help build the most impressive companies of our generation, The Leadership Agency helps startups find and hire best-in-class talent. As industry disruptors with over 15 years of experience and award-winning services, The Leadership Agency has truly become the one-stop-shop for startup recruitment.

Tell us about yourself?

I graduated with an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Like many new grads, I thought the path would be marketing or journalism – never did I think I’d be in recruitment. Not because recruitment isn’t a great career path but because I never knew what it was prior to joining the industry. I knew I had a knack for sales and people, as well as strong negotiating skills. I negotiated with my parents as a kid all my life, and they would always tell me I needed to be in sales. Recruitment is an extremely challenging and fulfilling line of work. It allows you to connect with some of the top clients and candidates in the world while also achieving a lot of your own professional goals and development.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Be patient, and don’t take it personally. I’m a very urgent and task-oriented person by nature. If you give me something to do, I will have it done before the deadline. I’ve learned that people operate and make decisions at their own pace, and agility is key. This job makes you feel so connected to the work that you are doing that it can be hard not to take certain decisions personally, but rarely ever is it personal.

What problem does your business solve?

Together with our expertise, skill, and market knowledge, we use our resources and effective strategies to help our clients fill in their hiring gaps and find them the best-in-class talent.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The Leadership Agency was founded in 2017 with the mission to help our clients lead. Working exclusively with startups and small businesses, we get to help build the most impressive companies of our generation. With over 15 years of experience, our founder observed a gap in the recruitment industry, in which services catered towards startups and fast-growing companies were lacking.

What is your magic sauce?

The ability to say no even when it’s hard. We have made a commitment to only partner with organizations that are mission-focused, people first, and have a true commitment to diversity and inclusion that is being represented across their team. It’s easy to say yes to all business that comes your way, even when you don’t align with the culture and practices of your clients. Finding our voice and knowing when to say no has allowed us to create space for some magic partnerships with companies we truly align with and stand behind.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

I would love to see us continue to grow and expand into new markets. We are the partner of choice for North American startups, but there are so many tech hubs emerging, and each will have its own unique set of problems we can help to solve. The vision is to really hone in on our specializations and continue to build a team with these expertise.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Well, I have now recruited during a world pandemic, one of the most challenging job markets and a possible recession – how’s that for resiliency? There’s been magic in the chaos because we had to make many pivots along the way, fail and fail quickly, and adjust our services and pricing. Clients were bringing us on to help solve problems of the pandemic/job market that we ourselves were still figuring out the answers to. No one knew what to do or how to operate, but it built a powerful sense of community.

How can people get involved?

Start hiring with us. We are your recruitment partner of choice for all things tech startups! Building high-growth startups from Seed to IPO. Contact us today to see how we help build the most impressive companies of our generation –