Feminine Products: New Moon Pads 🍁

Name: New Moon Pads

Products: Cloth menstrual pads and feminine linens

Manufactured In: Comox, BC

Where to Buy: Online

Website: https://www.newmoonpads.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

New Moon Pads is a Canadian company based in Comox, British Columbia where all of its products are designed and made. The company was established in 1990 to offer Canadians who menstruate an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads. By manufacturing reusable menstrual pads, New Moon has modernised an old concept to help save you money and protect the environment.

Pads from New Moon are trim, absorbent, economical, beautiful, environmentally friendly, and very comfortable. New Moon only uses the highest quality fabrics to ensure the best comfort, absorbency, and durability. New Moon pads are designed to last around ten years, which is approximately twice as long as the majority of cotton pads on the market.