Food: AVION Harvest 🍁

Name: AVION Harvest

Products: Whole yellow peas, lentils, pinto beans, navy beans, whole flaxseed, buckwheat groat, pearled barley, pearled wheat, bulgar wheat, hemp hearts

Manufactured In: Neepawa, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Retailers throughout Manitoba


Canadian Owned: Yes

AVION Harvest is a Canadian company based in Neepawa, Manitoba. The company grew from a dream to provide Canadians with healthy and affordable alternatives to processed, refined foods. AVION believes that our world could be improved if we consumed less processed foods.

As packagers and wholesale distributors of quality pulses and grains, AVION aims to supply the finest products provided by nature many of which are staples from the past that are fast becoming exciting crops of the future.

In addition to being a wholesaler, AVION also wants to educate consumers on healthier lifestyles and responsible choices, and on the website you can find some great recipes in addition to information on the product line.